Lorošaep ikājapasta
The dictionary of Lorošae
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lori, v. withdraw, cancel
lot, v. roll (something)
lot, cam- njo-, v. roll a cigarette
lot, g, v. drive (a wheeled vehicle)
lot, njo-, v. roll up, roll on itself
lot, txna g, v. ride a bicycle
lt, v. hear
lt g, v. perform, recite
lt, rve-, v. listen to (something)
lt, t-, v. to listen to (someone)
lua, n. hall
lub, v. long; tall (of humans and other creatures)
ludž, v. trade
ludzin, n. whey
luo, v. to pour, to move a loquid
lus-, aff. removal, removing, taking off preverb
lussir, n. buttermilk
luz, v. bind
lyy-, aff. out of (a container)
lyyt, v. join (something to something else)
maa, v. need, require (a noun)
maavi, adv. probably
mac, n. hill
mağek, n. screw
mah-, aff. accidentally
mai, n. mother
man, v. remember
man, o-, v. miss (long for)
manta, adv. often
maor, v. to have a leak
martlom, n. drain, sewer
maur, v. free
maw, v. come together
maw-, aff. together, with
me-, aff. back
mee, v. hum
meet, v. to be struck by linghtning
meg, v. settle, come to a stop after (some motion)
meg, ik, v. calm
meg, ik y, v. excited
meg, laa- da g, v. pull oneself together
meg, ze-, v. to stop by somewhere (on the way to somewhere else)
mewa, n. king
mewasa, n. kingdom
mez, n. axe
mihar, n. crane
miik, n. sword
mnes, n. field of crops
mo, q. other
moci, n. copper

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