Lorošaep ikājapasta
The dictionary of Lorošae
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nser, n. ore
nuj, n. hole
nuki, v. ninth
nums, v. steal
nur, n. lead
nurgu, n. alum
nuut, v. feel good, be comfortable
nuut, a-, v. happy to see someone, happy because of someone
nuut, ik, v. happy
nuut, ik g, v. cheer someone up
nuut, ik g y, v. sadden, make sad
nuut, ik y, v. sad
nuut, maw-, v. have a good relationship with someone
nuut, njo-, v. to feel cozy bc of others, to feel warm bc of others
nuut, y, v. uncomfortable
nwaj, n. boat
nys, n. vagina, vulva
nyy, n. ear
nz-, aff. tooth
nzuk, v. plant
ŋakki, n. puffed ejma
ŋalz, n. vaguely sweet herb (somewhat reminiscent of rosemary)
ŋan, n. head
ŋek, n. shoe
ŋen, v. dry
ŋet, n. shadow
ŋir, v. to be outside of (something)
ŋodde, adv. every day
ŋof, n. neck
ŋok, v. snore
ŋos-, aff. ground
ŋot, q. every
ŋud-, aff. downriver
ŋuk, n. sea
ŋuš, v. soft
o, v. go to a place
o dz, v. wander
o g, v. send
o z, v. reach, arrive
o-, aff. to
o, skö- dž g, v. stump (with a question)
o, skö- g, v. put someone in a bind
o, v-, v. go back
öb, v. to cal someone (a name), to name someone
öb, ši-, v. mean (as in the meaning of a word)
öce, adv. never
oci, q. six
od, v. to take up time
oin, v. play
oiwo, v. slow

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