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Matrix's stuff. You can swim in different pools and always find something interesting. We already featured "Shape and Makeup" from Ki Kuriku, as well as "Magic" from Maikros. In this universe, Maikros, we find more interesting stuff, like

The Order Necrotica and its ties and rivalries with the Black Cloak.
• As you said four years ago in this very thread, anything from Salenzis. Yeah, people, it's worth a reading. For example...
Religions of Salenzis. It could be longer, but it has some interesting stuff that could be developed into a more detailed article or even some short stories. *blink blink*
• Also, Ticondera, the dead kingdom.

Beyond Matrix:

• Afraid of Greek letters and mathematical explanations? Bullshit. Anguipes' Celestial Mathematics is a short yet beautiful article anyone should read at least once.
• I was going to put here Face-painting customs of the Venrafivía period buuuut... disaster! The images are gone or I can't see them because of some weird necromancy.


Also, does anyone have anything on cartography? Or poetry? Or heraldry and vexillology? It would be nice to have some featured stuff on these areas of (con)artistry.

Also, stories, short or long, are benvingudes.

They don't need to exist in a universe. You can post them in a thread in Department of Creativity.
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