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, Baron message
<Yatalac> every time i say lol
<Yatalac> it means la ilaha illa allah
? Rhetorica Your Writing System Sucks
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quoting Cev, Cuntmaster:
<Cev> I wonder how one would get a copy of an MA thesis from University of Toronto
<Legion> you go there and threaten to kill a hostage every hour until they give it to you

Still need this? I might know a person who knows a person. Wait a bit, though; I have a conference.
? Yaali Annar The Gote
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, Initiate Speaker message
YaaliAnnar: I think "Abdullah" is the most islamic name ever.
cntrational: I associate "Abdullah" with arabs more than muslims.
YaaliAnnar: How many non moslem Abdullah's out there?
YaaliAnnar: Beside Mohammed's father... who is a... pagan.
YaaliAnnar: Oops, that name predates Islam.

YaaliAnnar: Your chinese name is 粒萨姆.
guitarplayer: And then surprise, the middle character means "penis".
YaaliAnnar: The middle character means bodhisatva.
guitarplayer: Oh.

Slereah: We never see humans in the lion king.
Slereah: What if Scar didn't do anything bad?
Slereah: What if that was all pollution by the unseen humans?
YaaliAnnar: What if it was god? It's punishment for Scar's homosexuality.
Slereah: But then why did he not punish Timon and Pumba
YaaliAnnar: It's not homosexual if your partner is not your own species.

thetha: "Forbidden Rectum of Sorrow" does not sound like a kids show.
TheFizzMeister: Nickeolodeon is bringing back those 90s gameshows.
TheFizzMeister: That's the name of the new one.
? Nortaneous ? ?????
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10:37 < Zontas> i am pansexual
10:37 < nort> congratulations on making your first tumblr account Zontas
10:38 < Zontas> No problem. You have seen my tumbr?
? Nortaneous ? ?????
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, Marquis, Maryland
10:46 < slereah_> "Official letter in Greek mentioning a pickled goose (P.Duk.inv. 599)"
10:47 < slereah_> serious archeological business
10:47 < slereah_> it is followed by "Official letter in Greek mentioning a pickled goose (P.Duk.inv. 605 R) "
10:47 < slereah_> pickled geese were serious stuff
10:47 < Whimemsz> how many official Greek letters are there referencing pickled geese?
10:48 < slereah_> At least two, apparently
? Hallow XIII Primordial Crab
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, 巴塞尔之侯
<nort> yi has five vowel POAs and [+/-AAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH]
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, 農, Canada
[09:47:49] * Seraphinus then embarked on an expedition into the mysterious yet fantastical lands of the programming languages of legend... unknown to him were adversities he would have never envisioned even in his wildest dreams... for HTML, CSS and SQL weren't but a pitiful taste of what was just about to befall upon him...

(context: today I started learning python 3, my first (real) programming language)
? Serafín posts: 48
, 農, Canada
<Cev> But one thing I do believe is that nobody on God's green earth has ever been educated by anybody other than themselves. You've been taught how to read and write. Everything else you either learned yourself, would've learned yourself, or have forgotten.

Also, about this quote:
<dhok> cev, is this a quote from someone
<Cev> yes
<Cev> it's a quote from me
<Cev> ca. 2015
<dhok> professional-tier quote making
<guitarplayer> Cev LaKohn. Carefully crafted quotes since 1988.
? Serafín posts: 48
, 農, Canada
[08:54:36] <gort> vowels
[08:54:38] <gort> i cannot fucking
[08:54:43] <gort> distinguish e: i:
[08:54:45] <gort> in german
[08:54:47] <Seraphinus> gort: neither can I
[08:54:52] <pthagnar_> nor can i
[08:54:55] <Seraphinus> the [e:] is incredibly high
[08:54:56] <pthagnar_> german e: is fuqd up
[08:54:57] <guitarplayer> vowels are notoriously difficult in language learning i guess
[08:55:00] <gort> like """""e:""""" is just i: but vaguely sort of pharyngealized or something
[08:55:08] <gort> i can kind of tell
[08:55:19] <gort> if i listen for the +AAARRRGGGHHH
[08:55:22] <gort> but it is p subtle
[08:55:26] <gort> more like +aaarrrggghhh
? Hallow XIII Primordial Crab
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, 巴塞尔之侯
20:00 < qort> well if [German] didn't exist it would not be a passable conlang
20:00 -!- qort is now known as badconlanger
20:00 < badconlanger> hey, check out my conlang family! it's set in europe
20:01 < badconlanger> one of the languages has a phonemic set of pharyngealized vowels, and contrasts /y/ and /}/
20:01 < badconlanger> some of them are tonal, except one turned one of the tones to vowel glottalization
20:01 < pthagnar> there's a really cool sound it's like
20:01 < pthagnar> a mixture of /x/ and /S/
20:01 < pthagnar> i came up w/ a special symbol for it
20:02 < badconlanger> some of them have three vowel lengths!
20:03 < badconlanger> except one only contrasts all three in the high vowels
20:03 < badconlanger> there's another that has initial /jC/ clusters
20:04 < badconlanger> and another that has a syllabic dental fricative
20:05 < badconlanger> oh, i forgot to mention, there are actually two of them that contrast /y }/
20:05 < badconlanger> there's one that has a full series of phonemic nasal vowels, but only one
20:05 < badconlanger> and, best of all
20:06 < badconlanger> a lot of them have larger vowel systems than any other language in the world!
20:06 < badconlanger> by the way, some of them have retroflexes
20:06 < badconlanger> and some of them have that weird vowel that appears in chinese

20:08 -!- jort is now known as yurt
20:08 < yurt> um, actually,
20:08 < yurt> /nick ger
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<travisb> hmm there might be a use to mechanical rape machines - ironically suppressing prison rape - put cameras in the prison, and if someone is caught raping someone, strap them to the mechanical rape machine, and let it rip
? Travis B. posts: 603
, Crystallogen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I should add the comment the the preceding quote that this was not a serious comment and only really made sense in context.
? Hallow XIII Primordial Crab
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, 巴塞尔之侯
< yurt> hahaha
< yurt> the koryo group runs tours in turkmenistan
< yurt> that's the company that runs tours in north korea
< yurt> Swimming in underground sulphur-infused lakes, staying in a yurt on a farm for the famous Ahal-Tekke horses, seeing the
              unique flaming gas crater deep in the desert, visiting the largest Bazaar in the world and so much more are also
              included in this trip, don’t miss it!
< yurt> im gonna stay in a yurt
< Yatalac> [18:46] <yurt> im gonna stay in a yurt < is h13 gonna as well next week?
< yurt> gaaaaay
< yurt> inb4 ѣ posts her thousand-page fanfiction of that exact scenario
< Yatalac> you turn my ь into a ъ
< Yatalac> [18:49] <yurt> inb4 ѣ posts her thousand-page fanfiction of that exact scenario < "my name is bbzx mqx wqp and take me now"

< TheFizzMeister> todo: make a porn fanfic generator where you put in the names.

< yurt> H13 fyi i chant insane clown posse lyrics nonstop in my sleep

< dhok> travisb, let's do this the technocratic way and make a decision market
< dhok> out of it
< dhok> place your bets and if enough people believe we will have nort fuck a drunken chimpanzee

dhok pepper-sprays H13 while wearing bizarre MLP-themed drag
? Rhetorica Your Writing System Sucks
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, Kelatetía: Dis, Major Belt 1
? Cev Grammatis Qaghan
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, Operon message
<Cev> I just saw Mad Max
<Cev> it was good
<Cev> though it didn't have Thomas Kretschmann
<Slereah> Cev
<Slereah> Did it have Master Blaster
<Slereah> And also who ran Barter Town
<Smaug> Master Blaster can never be shown in a movie again because the characters belittle midgets and giant retards
<Slereah> Smaug Master Blaster is all about overcoming your handicaps with teamwork

<slereah> I am still waiting for a Gilgamesh movie
<slereah> And the role of Utnapushtim is Russel Crow
<Cev> slereah: only if it's narrated by Patrick Stewart
<slereah> It would be a great series of Bronze Age movies
<Cev> I think they need to create a movie that links "Noah" and "The Scorpion King" together into one canon
<Cev> Gilgamesh could go to Egypt and meet The Rock as Pharaoh Scorpion and then later go see Russell Crow as Utnapishtim
<pthagnar> maybe he could go to china too
<pthagnar> or... harappa
<slereah> Also maybe
<slereah> An Egyptian story
<miekko> they need to create a movie that links "Noah" and "Doctor Who"
<slereah> And one of the actor is the dude from the Mummy???
<Cev> Arnold Vosloo?
<slereah> yes
<slereah> Let's find all the greatest bronze age movie actors and put them all in the same movie
<pthagnar> okay
<pthagnar> so long as they are played by real bronze age people
<pthagnar> bronze age people are poor and oppressed
<pthagnar> they need role models

<Cev> Thry's post..
<Cev> "lol gays oppressing Christians xD when the problem is that their religion's heteronormative and gender prescriptivist views are still relevant for the legality of marriages, burials etc in the first place, we can do way better."?
<Cev> burials?
<Cev> Are Christians trying to outlaw gay funerals?
<Cev> what?
<pthagnar> a cloud
<pthagnar> of associations

<Smaug> imagine if WWIII happened and all we had left of American history was Zinn's book and Bill O'Reilly's books about Lincoln and JFK

<YaaliAnnar> Sweet, I found online bible in 17th century Indonesian.
<slereah> 17th century indonesia didn't have the internet
<slereah> It's probably fake
<H13> *guitar solo*

<Seraphinus> 2in takfuruu, fa-sa-ta2kulu-kum-u n-naaru 'If you disbelieve, hell-fire will consume you.'
<Seraphinus> nothing to wonder at here, it's just a Classical Arabic textbook teaching how to form conditional sentences
<Seraphinus> (From Thackston's Introduction to Koranic and Classical Arabic, page 126)

(† Yeah I know it's gauche to quote yourself, but I couldn't resist sharing that hebrew-english pun I made there...)
? Jipí der saz ûf eime steine
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<H13> my life plan is to become successively more bitter and depressive until I turn into an extremely dense lemon
? Hallow XIII Primordial Crab
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< H13> nort for president imo
< H13> morganston/yarvin 2028
< nort> as president, i will:
< nort> * retire all government employees
< nort> * shut down harvard and redistribute its endowment to registered members of my party
< nort> * appoint taylor swift to the supreme court
< nort> * and ted nugent
< nort> * prod russia and/or china into a land war in asia
< nort> * issue an executive order to have massive 24-hour government-run parties with free beer and weed in every major city, every election day
< nort> * deliver the state of the union in full corpsepaint, with a pile of nude models as a podium
< nort> * nuke massachusetts
? Hallow XIII Primordial Crab
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, 巴塞尔之侯
< nort> i'm gonna go back to college and become a gender studies major
? tiramisu posts: 75
, Baron message
<guitarplayer> nooblang
<Zayk> your MOTHERtongue is a nooblang
<Yatalac> ayyyyyy
<guitarplayer> (not mine, it gets fucked. by yours.)
<guitarplayer> wait
<guitarplayer> shoot
<guitarplayer> I just insulted my own mothertongue as a whore
? Yaali Annar The Gote
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, Initiate Speaker message
YaaliAnnar: I heard that Ainu people at one time decided to call themselves "Yukar" because the word Ainu has "inu" in it.
miekko: I heard the Jews once decided to call themselves "Hebrews" because the word "Jew" has "Jew" in it.

Theta: I used to think semen was blue when I was like 10 or something
Theta: I think I thought that because I got a scientific encyclopedia for kids for my birthday once.
Theta: And it used weird colors in the diagrams for reproductive organs.

YaaliAnnar: Indonesia is not 100% Islam.
cntrational: It's 123%

miekko: Do those testes look healthy to you?
Slereah: Dammit Miekk I'm a physicist not a doctor
miekko: I figured you had seen enough testes to have a good idea
Slereah: It would be racist of me to judge native testicles according to my western standard of balls.