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20:07 -!- pthagnar [pthagnar@sorcery-fa05sj.cable.virginm.net] has joined #isharia
20:09 < dhok> pothead I have not seen you around in a while
20:09 < dhok> *pthag
20:10 < dhok> autocorrect has betrayed me
20:10 < pthagnar> dick, that is b/c i have been busy at work and u have been busy doing whatever it is sexpats do in rusia
20:10 < Yatalac> what a spelling
? Jipí der saz ûf eime steine
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[22:09:50] <Legion> is it because electrons are magnetic dipoles that they always want to be in pairs?
[22:10:29] <Yatalac> electrons wanna be in pairs because they are committed to the idea of the nuclear family
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Nice pun, that.
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17:53:02 <twabs> celtic is basically italic part two
17:53:13 <twabs> but then actual celtic languages do weird stuff
17:54:12 <Legion> early celtic is very conservatively IE
17:54:22 <Legion> but by medieval times they just got wild
17:54:33 <twabs> teenage celtic
17:55:06 <twabs> rebelling against everything
17:55:59 <twabs> and then latin is the straight-A kid
17:56:17 <Yatalac> is sanskrit still an asian nerd

18:18:58 <Yatalac> y'all know that one jesus video?
18:19:12 <Yatalac> like the one they translate into like every language?
18:20:41 <@vlad> no
18:20:49 <@vlad> are you sure it was a video
18:20:52 <@vlad> maybe you're thinking of the bible

(too lazy to remove timest4mpz sry)
? twabs fair maiden
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<H13> AUX.do-in-office 1S>3S-fuck today 1S-secretary
? Jipí der saz ûf eime steine
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<Cev> Ja, ja es ist klar das es ist wieder nie man Schaltz mit unser Volkerschnitz gegeben
<Cev> Habe ich deine Frage antwortet?
<twabs_> did you just string german words together and try to make a sentence?
<Cev> Isn't that what all Germans do?
<twabs_> yes, but they're typically better at it
? Cev Grammatis Qaghan
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<dhok> man, even two weeks before the solstice it's LIGHT in st. P
<@pharazon> dhok, u are in the hyperborean wastes
<Radius> dhok, the solstice isn't for another three and a half months
<dhok> light at half past six in the morning and light until eight in the evening
<dhok> uh sorry
<dhok> i meant equinox
<Cev> Radius: No see because he's in a different time zone
<Cev> It's already almost the solstice in Russia
<dhok> yeah man
<Radius> Cev, oh yeah, you're right
<dhok> different hemisphere
<Radius> i'm dum
<dhok> like Australia
<Radius> yeah, australia is weird
<Radius> the clocks there run backwards because of the coriolis force
<Radius> so they're all moving backwards in time

<slereah> "Doritos and Anal Sex: The ?New Normal?"
<slereah> Gay doritos is kind of dum
<slereah> Next gays will DO THE DEW
<slereah> (in the butt)

<Cev> When will 3d printers be able to print food?
<TheFizzMeister> Well, that seems like an odd question.
<Cev> We just insert Nutrient Packs into them like ink cartridges
<Ang> Then, when will they be able to print good food?
<TheFizzMeister> Presumably, if they can print food, then we can just eat the things they use to print food.
<TheFizzMeister> Cut out the middle man.
<Cev> TFM: that might taste bad though
<TheFizzMeister> true
<Ang> Why cook meat, eat it raw, cut out the middle man
<TheFizzMeister> >
<Ang> I should not be allowed to make analogies
<H13> just bite the cow
<H13> the rest is superfluous
<Legion> well the point of printing food is like, you want a steak, but you don't want to kill cows, but if you just cultivate the cells in a petri dish it doesn't work
<Ang> Why would you not want to kill cows that is the best part

<Yatalac> y'all know that one jesus video?
<Yatalac> like the one they translate into like every language?
<@vlad> no
<@vlad> are you sure it was a video
<@vlad> maybe you're thinking of the bible

<YaaliAnnar> Basically what I think is that "age of consent" should be determined by psychological maturity. Like... having sex with a 20 years old retarded person should be no go.
<@pharazon> that seems cruel to retarded people
<Legion> yeah some of them actually want sex
<@vlad> if someone's incapable of consent why should the state say "no" in their place
<@vlad> why not have "yes" be the default
*dhok_ (dh0k@sorcery-4u2.rvo.118.217.IP) has joined #isharia
<@vlad> dhok agrees with me
<dhok_> do i
<@pharazon> yeah it should just be a free for all on retards
? twabs fair maiden
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[19:06:30] <pthagnar> as it is, the LORD sends angels to remind me that people are asleep at this time in the morning
[19:06:33] <pthagnar> and to be patient

[21:47:36] <thetha> my mom is 100% anthropomorphic

[23:07:15] <Zayk>  but have you ever met homosexuals?
[23:07:21] <Zayk> they don't last very long before becoming sexuals

[16:24:22] <thetha> you don't just have vaginas running around by themselves

[20:18:39] <dhok> i'm not sure, though, where you would put an oceanic language
[20:18:44] <pthagnar> the
[20:18:47] <pthagnar> ocean

[19:37:28] <Legion> if my head was a country it would be England because there's fog all the time
[19:45:06] <Legion> today's mental weather is: foggy with a chance of more fog
[19:46:55] <twabs> if my head were a country it would be the netherlands
[19:47:27] <Yatalac> i'm not the netherlands at all
[19:47:36] <Yatalac> dikes help me get wet, not keep me from it

[15:38:37] <Ang> [Edo Nyland] has merely ascended to a higher plane of basque speakers
[15:39:25] <Ang> There he will discover that all the words in basque reduce to one root word from which all others are derived
[15:39:34] <Ang> He will speak that word, and become God

[22:23:32] <Cev> It's not the worst bible translation.
[22:23:35] <Cev> The worst is the NKVJ.
[22:25:17] <Cev> NKJV is if you translated Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus into ebonics

[20:22:03] <Yatalac> oh, nort, idk if you heard - ayyub may be moving to maryland
[20:22:09] <nort> Yatalac: that's awful
[20:22:26] <nort> does ayyub have to repay a debt to the mob or something

[16:28:14] <Cev> "Mr. Sanders, what is your policy on Russia?" "I'll tell you my policy on Russia! I'll look Putin straight in the eye and tell him I'm not gonna let the millionaires and billionaires on Wall Street control the economy of this country!"
? Hallow XIII Primordial Crab
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[23:40:27] <yng> clubs are terrible
[23:40:37] <yng> tbh the ones I have liked the most are the ones in sunny wrexham
[23:44:12] <yng> london clubs are the worst
[23:44:22] <yng> you wait outside for ages
[23:44:34] <yng> when you finally get in it's packed with teenagers
[23:44:37] <yng> then you can either
[23:44:47] <yng> a) take low-quality MDMA and spend the entire time feeling ill
[23:45:25] <yng> b) snort some coke and be simultaneously a shit and a cliche, if you even manage to find space to take it in without being thrown out by the bouncers or feeling a profound sense of shame
[23:45:40] <yng> because you're surrounded by rich sixth formers doing the same thing
[23:45:41] <yng> or
[23:45:48] <yng> c) get drunk
[23:46:02] <yng> until you can blur out the sixth formers
[23:46:06] <yng> and then be sick
[23:46:13] <yng> but not be able to access the smoking area or the toilets
[23:46:15] <yng> to be sick in
[23:47:26] <pthag_> so
[23:47:30] <pthag_> wrexham
[23:47:42] <yng> wrexham is better
[23:47:43] <pthag_> has more commodious vomitoria
[23:47:54] <pthag_> is ur claim
? Jipí der saz ûf eime steine
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Finns. They don't afraid of nothing.
<guitarplayer> dechticaetiativity
<guitarplayer> miekko
<Cev> It's okay, he is a trained language-handler
<Cev> Show him the scar where the reduplifix once almost killed you.
<miekko_> I cannot take any responsibility for any harm that comes to you if you try handling it
miekko_ unbuttons shirt
? Hallow XIII Primordial Crab
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quoting ObsequiousNewt, Function, /ˈajwʌ/:

quoting Nortaneous, Marquis, Maryland:
im gay

you should see a doctor about that
? Nesescosac Verborum qaghatun
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<Radius> bae bae black sheep, have you any wool
<Radius> yes sir, yes sir, netflix and chill
? Nortaneous ? ?????
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< Slereah_> Why do people in movies always fall for the "Sexy lady coming onto them" trick
< Slereah_> I would probably be more like "Uuuuh who are you?"
< Legion> 1) you're gay
? Hallow XIII Primordial Crab
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< guitarplayer> microsoft is all about
< guitarplayer> O F F I C E
< guitarplayer> and
< guitarplayer> W I N D O W S
< twabs> I want an office with windows
? Hallow XIII Primordial Crab
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< tso> i have been scarred for life
< tso> by fucking trader joes kimchi
< tso> in retrospect that was not the best place to put the intensifier

< guitarplayer> [beer] is also varying from "hm, this is some p good fermented barley juice" to "IN WHAT POSSIBLE UNIVERSE WOULD SOMEONE DRINK A PISS THAT IS CARBONATED"
< miekko> guitarplayer: otoh, given what kind of porn germany has a reputation for, carbonated piss doesn't sound all that surprising
< tso> germany's national dishes are beer and fetish porn

? Nesescosac Verborum qaghatun
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, Foreigner message
<H13> lmao some degenerate who doesn't like morin khuur in his mongolian metal get real son
? twabs fair maiden
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<Zayk> ḥ
<Zayk> ḥ
<Zayk> ḥ
<pharazon> something stuck in your throat?
<Zayk> your cock
<pharazon> i meant besides the obvious

<Ser> canada, plural of canadum, an ante- and post-classical Latin word meaning 'piece of solid sap from a maple tree after getting rammed by a moose'

<guitarplayer> shouldn't he be Darth Hilus, since (in)vader, (in)sidious and such?
<guitarplayer> or wait, looking at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sith
<guitarplayer> that is not a regular pattern
<guitarplayer> I am disappoint
<twabs> it should be
<twabs> darth hale
<twabs> darth sane
<mbwa> darth grown toenail

<Soap> but Im not a traditioanl conserbative
<Margaret> conserbatism
<Margaret> policy point #1: remove kebab

<pthag> they are in normalstan
<pthag> where i live

<TheFizzMeister> americans for wanting to be is horse and so are you can too
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[22:31] <pthag> it is like the bible says
[22:32] <pthag> one night pharaoh dreamt of seven twinks coming to his bedchamber with pendulous members like lumphammers
[22:33] <pthag> and then seven old queens with micropenes and shrivelled balls
[22:33] <pthag> he woke up and asked his advisor daniel what the dream meant
[22:33] <pthag> and daniel spoke unto pharaoh saying lol ur gay like england
[22:34] <pthag> sicut dixit dominus, dominus meus
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<Slereah> I have seen the chinese movie about street fighter
<Slereah> Future Cops
<Slereah> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Future_Cops
<Slereah> It's...
<Slereah> It's.

<Smaug> welp
<Smaug> spent $20 on powerball tickets
<Smaug> I am now a gambling addict
<Smaug> already got the money spent in my mind
<Smaug> gonna hire artists to replace all of Zompist's shabby art
<Smaug> then pay for links to my Amazon wishlist to be posted in hundreds of online communities
<Smaug> pthagnar
<Smaug> I will buy you a gun
<Smaug> you will also get a holster
<Smaug> so you can keep it with you at all times
<Smaug> then I'll buy for myself an island in Chile
<Smaug> and fill it with pro-American stuff
<Smaug> huge flag, Vietnam memorial
<Smaug> Torco is free to visit at any time so long as he recites the Pledge of Allegiance when he arrives
<pthag> guess i won't be coming then
<pthag> her majesty the queen does not care for traitors
<Smaug> the only people who will know will be you, me, my aides, and the Lord
? Hallow XIII Primordial Crab
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< twabs> I'm the dead goldfish

<@Brel> pthag, feelings??
< pthagnar> no ty
< pthagnar> feelings are fine for other ppl
< pthagnar> instead i have antimatter