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? Jipí der saz ûf eime steine
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<Radius> i have questioned wearing pants
<Smaug> what would you use as a substitute to hide your shame?
<guitarplayer> a sock, RHCP-style?
<Radius> i have no shame
<Slereah> the penis gourd
<Slereah> is the best choice
<Smaug> ouch
<Radius> the penis mightier than the gourd

<twabs_w_warszawie> I think I am spiritually a 16-bit windows executable
? twabs fair maiden
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<tiramisu> I get them sometimes too, actually. I fell for one of those ads several years back that was like 'Just fill out this survey, to gain access to this anti-Obama documentary!'
<tiramisu> But I was smart and put in an absurdly fake name

<Cev> whimsz what shape were ojibwe houses?
<CUM_SIURAN> ojibwe-shaped

<pharazon> don't you think chinese emperors shocked people all the time because they knew they could
<Cev> Yeah but they used force lightning.

<kaakitwitaasota> superscript ʢ: 'i attempted to make a phoneme whilst simultaneously choking on my sandwich'

<yng> how do i get job
<yng> google how i will i get job
<yng> google
<Legion> you no get jobs, jobs gone, not coming back, all machine
<Legion> you start violence activism for universal income instead yes?

<twabs> what, are you a fan of FREE SPEECH
<Cev> well you know I am related to James Madison, author of the Constitution and therefore of the First Amendment
<Cev> so my family has copyright on it
<Cev> Every time someone says something and doesn't get arrested for it, I should get a royalty check.

<vlad> what's the word
<Cev> "fuck"

<Cev> Also google image search seems to think that dust devils are only ever 400 fucking feet tall
<Cev> No pictures of normal 'uns
<Radius> i've seen a few biggish ones though
<Radius> in tucson
-*- Cev reads sexuality into that
<vlad> in australia they're called willywillies
-*- Cev reads sexuality into that

<travisb> now you're just making fun of how I speak
<travisb> the only uvular consonant I have is /r/

<Guest27347> gaydius
<Guest27347> tiramispoo
<Guest27347> twats
<Cev> do me do me
<Guest27347> sex
? Hallow XIII Primordial Crab
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, 巴塞尔之侯
<@Rhetorika> how dare u accuse korea of being mongolian
? Rhetorica Your Writing System Sucks
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Prove me wrong! Emperor Goryeo make noble Hangeul alphabet (which slimy Nipponese criminal 또라이 try to steal) all on his OWN, without so-called "help" from 씨발 Mongolian dung 병신 LIARS! I give ₩500 000 to anyone who can disprove 걸레같은 fraud "Psychiatrist" stupid 개새끼 & know NOTHING about KOREA!!!!
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, Novice Speaker message
<yng> Lets Share FREE North East Hi there comrades, Does anyone else find London a bit damn expensive or is it just me? Im looking for a nice person to share a big room or a studio with so we can not stress so much and both enjoy our lives more, eat more veggies and go out to cute cafes sometimes, that sort of thing. I just moved over from Australia to study circus and Im 26, and all my favourite things in approximate order are: hiking and generally natu
<yng> lol
<Whimemsz> to study circus
<pthag[vajrapani]> some ppl study turkish
<pthag[vajrapani]> some ppl study circus
<pthag[vajrapani]> in london town
<yng> pthag: quite
<@H13> london town is surely an excellent place to study circus
<@H13> after all
<@H13> the houses of parliament are right there
<pthag[vajrapani]> what will those clowns in parliament do next
<pthag[vajrapani]> it, no doubt
<pthag[vajrapani]> again!!
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<@tiramisu> YaaliAnnarProxy idk about the claim that in Islam you don't poop in heaven
<@YaaliAnnarProxy> Lemme find the hadith then.
<@tiramisu> like that used to be the #1 Christian criticism of the Muslim concept of heaven
<@tiramisu> that in Islam you still go to the bathroom in heaven
<@pharazon> are you sure it wasn't the #2 criticism
? twabs fair maiden
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<Ser> try not to have a racist joke in the screenshot though
<Cev> like that jews control the banks
<Whimemsz> that's no joke

mschat best chat
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, Novice Speaker message
<@guitarplayer> "Your Blog is have good look. Content of your blog is quite good but traffic stats are very bad. Check my free video for enhancing your traffic. h**p://activeterium.c*m/CcIY .Shoot me email from free Website Audit report." < it is sound very legit for comment
<Cevff> yeah that was me, sorry
<Cevff> I just wanted you to check out my video :(

<Slereah_work> chicken soup
<Slereah_work> I am told
<Slereah_work> will cure what ails you
<Slereah_work> ingredients :
<Slereah_work> 1) 1 chicken
<Slereah_work> 2) 1 soup

<Slereah> Can you imagine Airplane done by someone else
<Slereah> It would be so awful
<Cev> Yeah it would all be
<Cev> Zack Gallifianakis
<Cev> Jonah Hill
<Slereah> I think most people making comedies would not be able to contain themselves and be serious throughout all the movie
<Cev> Seth Rogen
<Cev> James Franco
<Cev> every joke would be about marijuana
<Slereah> maybe someone fat would be on the plane
<Slereah> Taking up a lot of space!
<Cev> Kate McKinnon would show up to make a queef joke.
<Cev> Kevin Hart would show up to complain a lot
<Cev> Liam Neeson would cameo as a gruff guy in one scene
<Slereah> Paul Blart's Airplane
<Cev> christ this p much writes itself

<tiramisu> Guillermo del Toro's movie got a lot of wins that's all i know
<Slereah> William the Bull
<Slereah> please
<Slereah> use proper english name
<Whimemsz> Bill the Bull
<Slereah> Buffalo Bill
<Slereah> it was him all along

<tiramisu> when I was 14 and my niece was first starting to repeat words without knowing their meaning, I taught her to say "poop" and then laughed every time she'd say it, and thus she'd started saying it whenever she wanted to make me laugh, without knowing what it meant
<tiramisu> this backfired, though. now she's 13 and she has nicknamed me "Poop" without knowing how it even started.

<@Cev> I'm voting for Trump in 2020.
<tiramisu> what
<tiramisu> someone op me so that I can kick Cev for voting for Trump in 2020
*Cev sets mode: +o tiramisu
*Cev was kicked by tiramisu (No voting for Trump in 2020)
<@pharazon> >:|
<@pharazon> he was joking but now he's really going to
<@pharazon> thanks!!
<@pharazon> if trump wins in south dakota by 1 vote it's your fault
<@Radius> yean that one's going to be a really tight race
<@tiramisu> if Trump wins South Dakota I'll be your sex slave pharazon
<@tiramisu> er
<@tiramisu> fuck
<@pharazon> hmmm
<@pharazon> haha
<@tiramisu> FUCK
<@pharazon> too late
<@pharazon> too late
<@pharazon> too late
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<yng> rahmetli abim cumali kalın mevzua hiç bakmiycaksın derdi, ince mevzua bakacaksın
<@Cev> Kumali is a character in Final Fantasy X
<@Cev> right?
<@Cev> wait no he's a character in The Wind Waker
<@Cev> wait no he's a character in Hurrian mythology
<@Cev> one of those three things for sure

<@Cev> http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Kimahri_Ronso
<@Cev> http://zelda.wikia.com/wiki/Prince_Komali
<@Cev> https://www.britannica.com/topic/Kumarbi

<pthagphone> it says a small child can make them
<pthagphone> how did u burn them
<pthagphone> do u need the assistance of a small child
<Slereah> yes plz
<Slereah> I couldn't find fancy fat so I used goose fat
<pthagphone> cant u get lard in France
<pthagphone> u may get lard simply in England
<pthagphone> i shall post u a block

<Slereah> Delicious food that I try to not do too often is a roast chicken
<Slereah> With all the chicken grease
<Slereah> Delicious but deadly
<pthagphone> england is a land of roasted meats
<pthagphone> i shall send u a chicken
<Slereah> will you be able to, or are the borders closed already
<pthagphone> well
<pthagphone> lard is possible
<pthagphone> a chicken is pushing it
<pthagphone> the small child is probably not going to happen

<Slereah> You know what's gonna be awful, tho
<Slereah> When early internet nostalgia becomes more of a thing
<Slereah> and they make a meme movie
<Slereah> our protagonist, the trollface, must save the memes from something
<Slereah> with his many meme companions
<twabs> once upon a time the protagonist would have been pepe :-/
<Slereah> maybe pepe could be the villain now
<Slereah> A fallen meme
<Slereah> turned to eivl
<@Cev> I still believe in pepe.
<twabs> there's still good in him

<tiramisu> also speaking of Jews
<tiramisu> an anti-Semitism showed up into the service this morning!
<@Cev> "an anti-Semitism" :D
<@Cev> what units are anti-semitisms measured in?
<pthagphone> hitlers
<pthagphone> obv
<@Cev> well
<@Cev> ok so
<@Cev> let's say millihitlers
<@Cev> 1 millihitler would be murdering 6,000 Jews which is still p. damn antisemitic
<@Cev> this is a difficult scale to use, Pthag
? Cev Grammatis Qaghan
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<@Legion> the most interesting 'English has two words for this' imo is "fate" vs "doom"
<@Legion> French only has "destin" for both
<Slereah__> Doom is much more negative
<Slereah__> I can accept my fate
<Slereah__> But I cannot accept my DOOM

<Slereah__> I like how people always know Jack Sparrow wherever you go
<Slereah__> It's like if Pirates of the Carribean 12 was set in space
<Slereah__> And they meet some martian sailors
<Slereah__> And they meet the king of Mars for the first time
<Slereah__> "We were only looking for our friend Jack Sparrow"
<Slereah__> "JACK SPARROW!"
<Slereah__> He does get around

<Slereah> They don't realize that the worst kind of immigrants took their jobs
<Slereah> (Machines)
<Slereah> did you know that a mining drill doesn't even ask for any salary
<Whimemsz> oh no
<Slereah> They'll work for peanuts!
<Slereah> and take our women
<miekko> Slereah: miniaturized mining drills indeed have taken our women!
<Slereah> heyooo

[come at me, i'm quoting myself again]
<@Cev> Thet was thet erost bod: Deus tuus unus est. Thin God thet is thi ena, ther skippere is himulrikes and irthrikes, tham skaltu thiania.
<@Cev> Thet was thet other bod: Non assumas nomen Dei tui in vanam. Thu ne skalt thines Godis noma nawet idle untfa; thermithi sund'ti urbeden alle menetha.
<@Cev> Thet was thet thredde bod: Sanctifica diem sabbati. Thu skalt firia thene helega sunnandi, hwante God him reste, tha hi eskipin hede himulrike and irthrike, therumbe skaltu ierne firia thene helega sunnandi.
<@Cev> Thet was thet fiarde bod: Honora patrem tuum et matrem tuam. Thu skalt eria thinne feder and thine moder, thettu theste langor libbe.
<@Cev> Thet was thet fifte bod: Non occides. Thu ne skalt nenne monslaga dwa.
<@Cev> Thet was thet sexte bod: Non mechaberis. Thu ne skalt nen hor tha nen overhor dwa, buta mith thinere afta wive skaltu godilike libba.
<@Cev> (I like that the commandment about adultery is called the "sexte bod")
<@Cev> Like hey
<@Cev> that other guy's wife sure has a sexte bod.
<@Slereah> she do
<@guitarplayer> that looks like some kind of … low german?
<@Cev> Old Frisian

<Slereah> "J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan (including the play Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up and its novelisation Peter and Wendy) is covered by special legislation granting Great Ormond Street Hospital a right to royalties in perpetuity from commercial exploitation of the story on stage, in publication, and in broadcasts."
<Slereah> fuck that hospital and all its dying children

<Slereah> Being immortal would be fun
<Slereah> I'd just shoot myself in the head all the time
<Slereah> to be a drama queen
<Slereah> "Gee, this movie is SO BORING!"

<Slereah> Man I kinda hope Trump turns America into a fascist state just so they can stamp on Saizai
<Whimemsz> authoritarian governments have no tolerance for people trying to lug jugs of juice onto planes
<pthag[vajrapani]> Slereah, u can stamp on saizai any time u like
<Slereah> He will be sent to Guantanamo
<Slereah> He can drink all the juice he wants there
<Slereah> Through a cloth

<Slereah> I don't get "goodie two shoes"
<Slereah> is that not the appropriate number of shoes
<Slereah> it seems an odd thing to point out

<tiramisu> I'm more concerned with how do animals know that GROOMERS aren't hurting them?
<Slereah> because animals love grooming
<tiramisu> because we sure had a hard time convincing our dog that we weren't hurting him when we tried to groom him
<tiramisu> but he seemed OK when we hired a groomer
<Slereah> ur bad at grooming
<tiramisu> well it wasn't me
<tiramisu> also it depends on the grooming
<Slereah> your monkey ancestors are ashamed

<@Slereah> Is there something in the constitution that can automatically disqualify a president
<tiramisu> incapacitation
<@Slereah> What if they found out that Trump held on to nobility titles from foreign powers???
<@Slereah> And he was actually King Trump
<tiramisu> yeah that would disqualify him
<tiramisu> there's a whole list of automatic disqualifications
<tiramisu> imagine the scandal if we ever found out he's actually under 35!
<@Slereah> :D
<@Slereah> or was born in Kenya
<@Slereah> or if he had been president twice before
<@Slereah> He was actually Bill Clinton
<@Slereah> that's why he hates Hillary so much
<@Slereah> "Under Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment, no person who swore an oath to support the Constitution, and later rebelled against the United States, can become president. However, this disqualification can be lifted by a two-thirds vote of each house of Congress."
<@Slereah> Trump was General Lee all along
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<CUM_SIURAN> I'm going kayaking this weekend with some friends
<CUM_SIURAN> should be fun
<guitarplayer_> don't sink
<@Slereah> or do, if u wish
<@Slereah> the only limit is your imagination

On Elon Musk:
<Margaret> so far his rocket adventures have been pretty successful
<Margaret> and unlike his SHITTY CAR COMPANY
<Margaret> the rocket company is actually making money
<@guitarplayer> the shitty car company is making all the rookie mistakes while he's making promises that he can't (yet) fulfill
<@Slereah> Good thing he only makes reasonable promises for the space company
<@Slereah> like Mars colonization

<Cevf> man
<Cevf> it's pretty lame of Elrond to not let people speak Black Speech in Imladris.
<Cevf> He's just like those old Indian boarding school directors.
<Cevf> Pulling the switch out whenever a student speaks Pawnee.

<pthagphone> slereah is operating under licence
<pthagphone> he has the pt- brand franchise for the zbb
<@guitarplayer> pt-™
<@guitarplayer> you should insist that it be marked as a brand
<@guitarplayer> otherwise you might get brand devaluation like google, or kleenex, you don't want that!
<pthagphone> is that a threat
<pthagphone> if i catch u violating the sacred licence that slereah and i have sworn
<pthagphone> i shall treat YOU like a kleenex and ejaculate upon u
<pthagphone> beware!

<@guitarplayer> they have something upstairs which must be lying on the floor and buzzes periodically. it's slightly annoying
<@guitarplayer> i guess it's a phone while loading and set to mute or so
<@guitarplayer> (if i were slereah, i'd guess it's a vibrator, i suppose)
<Slereah> I don't have a lot of vibrators
<Slereah> Only like 4
<Karch> that's a lot of vibrators
<Slereah> not compared to the dildos

<@Legion> "In scientific taxonomy, toads are found in the families Bufonidae, Bombinatoridae, Discoglossidae, Pelobatidae, Rhinophrynidae, Pelobatidae, Rhinophrynidae, Scaphiopodidae and Microhylidae."
<@guitarplayer> discoglossidae
<@guitarplayer> do they all talk like disco stu
? twabs fair maiden
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<Cev> I haven't looked into it but I have the sneaking suspicion that this is just like those "kids wear X-colored bracelets to signal to other students they're DTF"
<Cev> i.e. invented
<twabs> what is dtf
<Cev> down to fuck
<Cev> I think
<twabs> o
<Cev> or maybe dying to fuck?
<Cev> determined to fuck
<Cev> destined toward fornication

<Ser> thus speaks the Church, on the final day God shall open his terminal and do the git merge to end all git merges

<Cev> this guy in teh comments
<Cev> thinks it's a "Wendigo"
<Cev> ah yes the Wendigo spirit spoken of in Ojibwe folklore
<Cev> the Ojibwes being famous residents of FUCKING OREGON

<Slereah> I have this rare disease where, whenever I start humming a note, it automatically transforms in the tune for Casper, the Friendly Ghost

<Mec> oh wimoweh
<Mec> oh wimoweh
<Mec> oh wimoweh
<Mec> oh wimoweh
<Mec> oh wimoweh
<Mec> oh wimoweh
<Mec> ~sham bajungel, betoch hajungel, yashen lo ha'arye~

<Play> i have an amazing memory for certain things. i remembered the central line of the children's story "rikki tikki tembo / no sa rembo / chari bari ruchi / pip peri pembo" despite only hearing it once a long tiem ago
<Play> i could rewrite it as a story about the two little boys, Kakakaaakakatakakakakakakakakaka and Tó
<Play> or maybe the second one is a girl and her name is P
<Play> which is pronounced /p/, although in some dialects all final consonants are dropped and therefore this name is silent

<Slereah> But I guess less teenage girls would have had wet dreams about him
<twabs_in_hoorn> can teenage girls have wet dreams
<Slereah> I am legally forbidden from checking

<miekko> no. we must punish transgressors. in swedish there is a saying 'the sin punishes itself'. I think we need to parse this literally to mean that 'if someone transgresses sexually, the punishment must consist of a related transgression'
<miekko> so I suggest we punish transvestites by making them wear some additional piece of female clothing

<guitarplayer> streets not being straight at all is not uncommon in euorpe
<guitarplayer> especially in old towns
<ryagami> *People, too
<guitarplayer> gay streets, eh
<ryagami> Yeah
<ryagami> It's the ones that have manholes

<pharazon> next generation knowledge has already hardened into a perfect diamond in my memory
<Rad[]> rly
<Rad[]> what symmetry group is it
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<pthag> https://78.media.tumblr.com/610da0393ab11f4dde58a2354e53c0a3/tumblr_pf5d9ve0cW1w0zqvmo1_540.png
<pthag> me
<@miekko> would that we all could be Erdoǧan
<yng> lol
<Izambri> retromonocracy
<Izambri> "and if you don't like my retromonocratic way of ruling I have other borderline-absolutist suggestions"
<Izambri> I'm still waiting for the day he will cast a vote for every person with the right to vote in the country. The milions of voters, the thousands of electoral colleges...
<Izambri> the other option is to reduce legal voters to one: himself
<Izambri> that will be done until Turkey is reduced to a simple particle, the Erdogon
<yng> lol
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<Izambri> The Fabulous Journey of Mr. Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit, Across the Wild Land, Through the Dark Forest, Beyond the Misty Mountains. There and Back Again / Ска́зочное путеше́ствие ми́стера Би́льбо Бе́ггинса, Хо́ббита, че́рез ди́кий край, чёрный лес, за тума́нные го́ры. Туда́ и обра́тно
<Izambri> No subtitles, though. But why when you have the Leningrad State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre's dancers acting as goblins?
<@guitarplayer> why does that cyrillic have accents o_O
<Izambri> that may be one the longest movie titles I've ever seen, by the way
<Izambri> but that may be the soviet way. Elongate things to improve them
<Izambri> example: people
<Izambri> another example: production time
<@ayyub> that is a Title
<@guitarplayer> it is almost baroque in length
<@guitarplayer> except a baroque title would basically be the entire first chapter
<@guitarplayer> and telling you how useful the book is
<Izambri> and suggesting you to search for a new job, change your hairstyle and get a new girlfriend/boyfriend
<@guitarplayer> definitely!
<Izambri> it's only one line or two, so it doesn't matter
<@guitarplayer> and in the end "Printed by royal license by XY at ABC in DEF alley at the sign of the Whatever"
<Izambri> aye
<Izambri> and I would add "ad Rvdolphvs II Romanorvm Imperator"
<Izambri> just because yes
<@guitarplayer> yeah, can't hurt mentioning the Kaiser
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, Novice Speaker message
<Slereah> So I had a great idea for a site
<Slereah> It is called
<Slereah> I spit on ur grave
<Slereah> It's just me mocking all dead people ever
<Slereah> In chronological order
<Slereah> From early humans to modern celebrities
<@Cev> "Fuck your ass, Scorpion I!"
<Slereah> Watch out Ötzi!
<@Cev> "Oetzi, you're a fukken retard!"
<@Cev> "Bite me, Cheddar Man!"
<pthag> sounds like something maddox or lowtax wld have done in the 2000s
<pthag> im sorry, Slereah....
<@Legion> only known humans or do you include every human that has statistically existed
<Slereah> Well known in the sense that we have either records or bodies
<@Legion> "Statistical mid-15th century Frisian pesant was a moron, fuck that guy lol"
<Slereah> Although I'm sure we have plenty of corpses of 15th century frisians
<@Cev> So you gonna start with the type specifimen of Sahelanthropus tchadensis?
<@Cev> "Fuck that guy!"
<Slereah> I will mock their small stature and poor dental records
<Slereah> Probably just early homo sapiens
<@Cev> what a homo
? Izambri Left of the middle
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<Izambri> I just know I want Disney far from me.
<Slereah_work> I went to Disneyland a few time
<Slereah_work> It's alright
<Slereah_work> I know a guy u see
<Slereah_work> He's like way into disney so he can get cheap ticket to disneyland
<Slereah_work> he's got like a fancy subscription to it
<Izambri> ugh
<@Whimemsz> did you just go to see the people walking around in animal costumes?
<Slereah_work> Well I mean
<Slereah_work> it is certainly part of the trip
>Slereah_work> Although there was a Decision a few years back
<Slereah_work> Where Disneyland now refuses fursuiters to come during Halloween
<Slereah_work> Which used to be a tradition with the furries
<Izambri> lol
<Slereah_work> v. sad
<@Whimemsz> those spoilsports
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<YaaliAnnar> Hmm... how old were the children when they start being pederasted?
<YaaliAnnar> Old enough to ejaculate?
<YaaliAnnar> I'm still looking for the proper verb for the act of pederasting a boy.
? Cev Grammatis Qaghan
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, Operon message
<miekko> is disney using all its surplus money on maintaining that frozen corpse?
<Slereah> are you talking about Star Wars or the cryogenically frozen head of Walt Disney

<CUM_SIURAN> section 3 of the 25th amendment has been invoked three times in American history, every single one of which involved the president undergoing a colonoscopy
<Slereah> nice
<CUM_SIURAN> obama had a new type of colonoscopy when he was in office that didn't involve sedating him, so he didn't need to invoke it
<Slereah> I don't think a colonoscopy counts as a disability
<Slereah> You could probably preside with a tube up your ass
<CUM_SIURAN> it was more about the sedation
<CUM_SIURAN> than the colonoscopy per se
<Slereah> do they invoke it when he takes a nap too
<pthag> the president is never forced to take a nap
<pthag> except when he must be anally probed
<Slereah> I guess that's why presidents age like hell
<Slereah> They are constitutionally forbidden to sleep

<@Cev> No I was too rapt by the drama of the film
<@Cev> Like of that one guy dressing up as a woman to escape the city and filling his frock with gold coins.
<@pharazon> hehe
<@pharazon> it's funny because he's a guy
<@pharazon> dressed as a lady
<@Cev> Yes
<@Cev> Guys don't wear dresses.
<@Cev> That's just silly.
<@pharazon> did he put coconuts under his shirt for breasts??
<@Cev> Couldn't.
<@Cev> No swallows in Middle Earth.
<@Cev> He'd've had to march all the way down to the land of Harad to get any.
<@pharazon> sounds just like my marriage!!

<pthagphone> oh no i just fell into the hitler trap
<pthagphone> i thought
<pthagphone> guess what
<pthagphone> guess what migration period solar iconography is guys

<@Whimemsz> "Though never sporting fashionable jargon, Victor has always taken on phenomena and issues that engage aspects of multiculturalism, hybridity, alterity, and the subaltern, while remarkably grounding his work in painstaking philological analysis."  way to avoid fashionable jargon

<Slereah> I need a 500km long dick
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, Novice Speaker message
<@miekko> a friend of mine who has a masters degree in pharmaclogy
<@miekko> and you'd expect to grasp some basic things
<@miekko> figured that the planned transplantation of a head would finally prove whether the soul is in the heart or the brain
<@miekko> I mean, I find her ideas preposterous there
<@miekko> clearly the pancreas is the seat of the soul
<@miekko> this is why I am a p-zombie
<twabs> pancreas zombie
<@miekko> see, natural insulin ensouls the body
<@miekko> it extends the reach of the soul
<twabs> insoulin

<Cevv> I found a photograph of the North Dakota-Manitoba border:
<Cevv> https://i.imgur.com/KfuytgZ.png

<Slereah> Check out my library instead you nerds
<Slereah> https://i.imgur.com/ThDC09k.jpg
<@Cev> What's that thing that looks like a rubber pickaxe?
<@Cev> is that something you put in your butt?
<Slereah> which thing
<Slereah> Oh, the brush
<Slereah> it's the brush I use for the fursuit
<@Cev> So "yes"
<Slereah> Well indirectly, I guess
<Slereah> you don't want to bang a dude with a messy fursuit
<Slereah> you want that fluffy chest
<Slereah> Better view of the humanities shelf :
<Slereah> https://i.imgur.com/9tskiOr.jpg
<@Cev> Slereah is that a fleshlight?
<Slereah> It is a regular flashlight
<Izambri> Lower shelf: Humanities
<Izambri> Lower Lower Shelf: fleshlights
<Slereah> Oh wait
<Slereah> u don't know
<Slereah> What is in the
<Slereah> lowermost shelf
<Slereah> https://i.imgur.com/uzcxWiI.jpg
<Izambri> :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

<YaaliAnnar> I wanna be cremated, but my fammily won't respect my wish.
<YaaliAnnar> My family won't also honor my wish to be buried in a fursuit.
<Smaug> isn't there a conspiracy theory about Indonesian Christians trying to convert the whole country?
<YaaliAnnar> Smaug: Yes, it's called "Kristenisasi"
<Smaug> maybe by the time you die, everyone will be evangelical
<Smaug> and there's no prohibition against fursuit burial in the Bible
<YaaliAnnar> One can hope.

<CUM_SIURAN> I read giving up the gun
<CUM_SIURAN> that was the book I read about the tokugawa shogunate not actually completely blanket banning guns in
<CUM_SIURAN> but instead just restricting their manufacture to a msall number of samurai families
<@Cev> This paper apperas to be saying that they weren't banned for non-samurai either
<Play> they were going to ban guns entirely but then they said "wait a minute, you cant spell shogun without 'gun', we've gotta think this out"
<CUM_SIURAN> show the shogun your gun at the gun show

<YaaliAnnar> Israel is now attempting to occupy the moon. http://www.planetary.org/blogs/jason-davis/spaceil-lander-feature.html
<YaaliAnnar> How can they be stopped

<Cevv> chomsky knows everything about amazonian languages he doesn't even need to go to the amazon
<Cevv> or see a jungle
<Cevv> or a tree
<@guitarplayer> he *knows* all trees binary-branch~
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#isharia / 17-nov-2018

<guitarplayer> According to this article I just read, major rivers are currently so low that ships can only transport about half their load. And that in central Europe where a shortage of water is normally not one of your problems.
<Izambri> did that happen before?
<Izambri> the level of the Rhine so low, I mean
<guitarplayer> it's been the driest year since they started recording it (whenever that was) IIRC
<Izambri> regarding water and rivers in Middle Europe the only news I recall reading/hearing here are floodings
<guitarplayer> idk, but usually you have the opposite problem
<guitarplayer> so yeah, floods instead of drought
<guitarplayer> last year we had floods, this year it's drought
<Izambri> basically it goes this way: Middle Europe, floods; southern Europe, droughts and fires; Scandinavia, nothing noticeable; British Isles, wind storms; France, fiery protests.

<pharazon> i'm 100.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% gay
<CUM_SIURAN> pharazon: lol gay
<CUM_SIURAN> also thats a lot of digits of precision
<CUM_SIURAN> are you sure you're that accurately gay?
<pharazon> yeah the recent SI change made it that by definition
<pharazon> hello twabs
<CUM_SIURAN> pharazon: so the SI unit of gayness is now linked to the Pharazon Gayness Universal Constant?
<Izambri> that's great news
<pharazon> i don't make the rules
<Izambri> I can't wait to buy a gay-o-meter and measure my gayness in pharazons.
<Whimemsz> it's called a gaydar, plz
<Izambri> I differentiate between a gaydar (for me that's a gay radar) and a gay-o-meter (the machine that measures gayness).
<Whimemsz> hmm
<Slereah> what is your level on the gay-o-meter
<Whimemsz> fair point
<Izambri> the Gaydar™ being a detector of gays.
<Izambri> although you can have the deluxe version which integrates a Gaydar and a gay-o-meter.
<Izambri> the supreme tool