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? Cev Grammatis Qaghan
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<Slereah> If you wanted you could make 100% of America black

<@Whimemsz> can't you be caned for a lot of things in Singapore?
<Slereah> what if it's your fetish tho
<CUM_SIURAN> Slereah: I mean it still probbly hurts
<CUM_SIURAN> and I doubt the singapore justice system listens to safewords
<Slereah> safewords are for sissies

<Slereah> My favorite english city is MAN CHEST HAIR

<Whimemsz> getting killed by wolves isn't a particularly quick and painless death
<Slereah> Whimemsz : but it is the most erotic death

<CUM_SIURAN> I guess if my dad were well-known for being a rapper in clown makeup
<CUM_SIURAN> well, a lot of things would be different about my life

<@Cev> I should read that famous hippy alien abduction book
<@Cev> Communion
<@Cev> that book about how the aliens are coming to teach us how to live in peace with each other and the animals and the rainforests and the zodiac
<Slereah> I wonder what happens when a republican gets an alien abduction
<Slereah> Do they think suddenly that the aliens want free market capitalism

<@Cev> https://twitter.com/SteveStuWill/status/1085330346638360576
<@Cev> look
<@Cev> a dinosaur
<Whimemsz> we'll use the blood of the mosquitos he ate to clone ancient mosquitos
? Izambri Left of the middle
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#isharia / 16-gen-2019

<Cev> https://twitter.com/SteveStuWill/status/1085330346638360576
<Cev> look
<Cev> a dinosaur
<Tanaphor> Let's clone him
<Cev> Oddly it more than anything reminds me of those old fashioned pre-Bakker-&-Horner illustrations of sluggish bog-dwelling dinosaurs
<Whimemsz> we'll use the blood of the mosquitos he ate to clone ancient mosquitos

<Tanaphor> meth-, eth-, prop-, but-, pent-, hex-, hept-
<Tanaphor> etc etc
<Tanaphor> once they started to do systematic names they really should have renamed the first four
<Tanaphor> Monane, duane, triane, tetrane
<pthag> ur not allowed a stirrer
<Tanaphor> I'll stir all I want
<guitarplayer> Monyl, duyl, triyl, tetryl
<guitarplayer> monanol, duanol, trianol, tetranol
<twabs> monamphetamine, aka "mon"
<Tanaphor> another monhead
<twabs> I sell triane and triane accessories
<guitarplayer> beer and wine contain duanol
<guitarplayer> AS DOES APPLE JUICE
<Isambrie> duanolic, me?
<Tanaphor> Smithers, my duer rag
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12:22 <Whimemsz> who was it who was asking about how to say "on a dick" in Proto-Algonquian the other day?
? Izambri Left of the middle
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#isharia / 22-gen-2019
<Ser> CUM_SIURAN: to be fair, I was looking at the list of interests Google had detected I have (you can look at such a list if you search for things while logged in with your gmail)
<Ser> and one of them was "women's interests"
<Tanaphor> like shopping
<CUM_SIURAN> see even google thinks you should come out as a transwoman

#isharia / 23?-gen-2019
<whimemsz> this is a pro-owl zone

#isharia / 24-gen-2019
<slereah-work> Also from what I remember the ancient greeks were crying and reciting poems all the time at war
<slereah-work> sounds pretty psychologically fragile to me
<Cev> yeah but mostly they were crying about the fact that they couldn't go to war as often as they wanted
<slereah-work> let's look up suicide in ancient greece
<slereah-work> "a man, who is one of the god’s possessions, should not kill himself ‘until the god sends some compulsion upon him, as he sends compulsion on us at present’"
<slereah-work> THE GODS!
<slereah-work> there doesn't seem to be a lot of "suicide because I'm sad"
<slereah-work> Well, for men anyway
<slereah-work> Mythological ladies do it a lot
<slereah-work> There's a dude
<slereah-work> "Glaucus drowned in the sea as a result of his sadness over Melicertes' fate"
<slereah-work> "Aminias buried a dagger in his own chest at Narcissus' doorstep after Narcissus spurned his advances"
<slereah-work> "Chryssipus killed himself out of shame after being raped by Laius when he was just a child"
<slereah-work> pretty rough
<slereah-work> Apparently drowning was the most popular method of suicide
<slereah-work> and hanging
<slereah-work> "They considered that the discrepancy of humors in the organ of logic in the human body will cause malfunction, which will lead to the absurdity and consequently to suicide, either due to excessive concentration of black bile in melancholia or due to yellow bile in mania."
<slereah-work> Help my humors are out of whack
<slereah-work> "They believed that greater risk to commit suicide had women, young people and the elderly. As therapy they used the drugs of their time with the intention to induce calm and repression in the ill person, therefore they mainly used mandragora."
<slereah-work> "In general, we would say that there were many reasons to suicide someone in antiquity."
<slereah-work> Linguists
<slereah-work> Help me parse "to suicide someone"
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<pthag> CUM_SIURAN, as a european u usually learn not to take americans seriousl
<pthag> when they have like
<pthag> opinions about europe
<pthag> cev what do u think about europe
<@Cev> pthag: ant water
<@Cev> fuck it
<pthag> that's a great opinion :)
<twabs> a...nt water?
<@Cev> yes twabs
<@Cev> in Europe they don't have regular water
<Tanaphor> let's drink a tall glass of ant water
<@Cev> like us sons of the forest here in America
<@Cev> they drink ant water
<@Cev> a corrupted water
<twabs> that's a damn shame, Cev
<@Cev> (ant water is what I call the carbonated water that you get in Europe if you ask for "water")
<@Cev> (because it stings my throat going down like ants biting my oesophagus)
<CUM_SIURAN> you can get that in america
<Tanaphor> you must ask for
<CUM_SIURAN> I'm drinking a la croix literally right now
<Tanaphor> *flat water*
<@Cev> Ques: you CAN yes
<@Cev> but
<@Cev> in Europe
<@Cev> it's all you can get
<@Cev> You just ask for "water" and they give you ant water
<Whimemsz> that sounds awful
<@Cev> This happened to me many times and it was very blustering
<Whimemsz> I hate carbonated water
<CUM_SIURAN> I like it
<Whimemsz> terrible
<CUM_SIURAN> drink it all the time
<pthag> this is why u don't listen to americas
<@Cev> pthag does the UK have the antwater problem
<pthag> i don't know. i don't perceive it as a problem.
<@Cev> Right.
<@Cev> You're like all the rest.
<@Cev> More ant than man.

<Isambrie> another one of his movies is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Curse_of_the_Cat_People
<Isambrie> " Its plot follows Amy, a young girl who befriends the ghost of her father's deceased first wife, Irena, a Serbian fashion designer who descended from a race of people who could transform into cats"
<Isambrie> convoluted
<Tanaphor> The classic story
<Tanaphor> a tale as old as time

<Ser> I'm quite out of the loop with this stuff. I had never heard about stereotype threat until today~
<Ser> so, a person does worse because they believe the stereotype about their group identity they know is just a stereotype?
<Tanaphor> Is stereotype threat when a black man with a knife threatens you

<@Cev> https://twitter.com/Evolving_Moloch/status/1086005805625688066
<@Cev> Saulteaux as "nonwarring" but Gros Ventres as "warring"
<@Cev> this "Fry" guy has absolutely no fucking idea what he's talking about
<Whimemsz> lol
<Whimemsz> I'm curious who this "Fry" guy is
<Whimemsz> http://kropfpolisci.com/peace.studies.fry.pdf ah
<Whimemsz> ""These people [the Saulteaux] have never engaged in war with the whites or with other Indian tribes.""  let's see what his source for this quote is
<Whimemsz> "For the Saulteaux: A. Irving Hallowell, "Aggression in Saulteaux society," in A.  I.  Hallowell (ed.), Culture and Experience, 277—90 (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press,  1974),  278."
<Whimemsz> pffff
<Whimemsz> Hallowell was an ethnographer writing in the mid-20th century, not a historian
<pthag> the germans are a nonwarring tribe
<pthag> based on my five years fieldwork in lucerne
<pthag> extremely peaceful cacao and sundial economy

<Whimemsz> I didn't have the impression he was a giant fatso though
<Tanaphor> he washes himself with a rag on a stick
<Whimemsz> I like that that's a standard way of referring to extremely fat people
<@Cev> How do you wash yourself?
<Tanaphor> I don't
<Tanaphor> I am French

<Ser> Naima lord of the jizz
<Naima> lord of the jizz than develop for java libraries
<Ser> I bet the original quote that has "[do something with] jizz than develop for java libraries" is a good slerquote
<Whimemsz> !grepfile log (?i) jizz than develop
<Naima> No match found
<Ser> !grepfile log (?i) jizz than
<Naima> No match found
<Ser> does this even work
<Whimemsz> !grepfile log (?i) of the jizz
<Naima> [22:34:13] <@Slereah> We hear he's a whiz of the jizz
<tiramisu> !grepfile log (?i) jizz
<Naima> [04:42:52] <Slereah> i've been jizzed on it's not that bad, gee
<tiramisu> I wonder if anybody else has been logged talking about jizz or if it's all slereah
<tiramisu> !grepfile log (?i) jizz
<Naima> [14:15] <Zayk> hey the jizz guzzler
<tiramisu> welp

<pthag> well don't say i did not warn u
<pthag> i don't explicitly remember warning u
<pthag> but it sounds like the sort of thing i would do

<Naima> tanaphor is isharia's soul and body, thanks to the workplace regulations imposed by the department of justice for lobbying work he did last year that “could be construed      [re-enter strepsiades with a cock under one arm and a leg)
<Isambrie> Strepsiades... is that a greek guy?
<@Tanaphor> it's a greek guy with a cock under his arm
<@pharazon> Doesn't really narrow it down

<@Cev> Time is symmetrical in classical physics
<@Cev> or something like that
<@Cev> Ask the guy with the thing in his butt if you want to know more
<@Cev> The one tripping balls at the moment

also, I found a few very old quotes recently that I may as well post (some of them may have been posted in different places in the distant past and I forgot, but whatever):

<Draycks> I know it sucks to be a virgin
<Draycks> but it might seriously be better
<Draycks> if you can just stop focusing on it
<CUM_quesa> I don't actually think about it all that often
<CUM_quesa> it just bothers me
<CUM_quesa> in the back of my mind
<@Cev> Let's talk about something else instead
<@Cev> Like uhh
<@Cev> Fire.
<@Cev> it's hot.
<CUM_quesa> hot
<@Cev> v hot
<CUM_quesa> like all the women who won't have sex with me :(
<CUM_quesa> :( :(
<@Cev> dammit, Ques

[17:49] <dewrad> it's my birthday in exactly 11 minutes.
[17:49] <Pthag> 22?
[17:49] <dewrad> indeed.
[17:49] * dewrad old
[ED NOTE: depressing...]

[19:20] <Whimemsz> What is Facebook?
[19:20] <Sleeper> another Friendster type thing?
[19:21] <nozaraph> Yeah, Merc
[19:21] <nozaraph> it's for colleges
[ED NOTE: Christ, I'm old...]

[11:21] <vlad> Well.. it may not apply in the case of Spanish, but it can happen.
[11:22] <vlad> Things like the gay lisp have to start somewhere.
[11:22] <Whimemsz> Yes, but they don't happen by people imitating a king
[11:22] <nozaraph> Indeed
[11:22] <nozaraph> Presumably they'd be imitating a queen.

<@pharazon> hey pthag
<@pharazon> you did biology
<pthag> apparently so
<@pharazon> tell me what the little green worms that were on the beach in mexico were
<pthag> what
<@pharazon> they were like, litle
<pthag> how little
<@pharazon> and green
<@pharazon> pretty little
<pthag> what kind of green
<@pharazon> uhh
<@pharazon> green
<@pharazon> idk
<Whim> oh you know that shade of green? that the thing is?
<@pharazon> yes
<@pharazon> the thing
<pthag> dark green
<pthag> browny green
<@pharazon> i guess
<@pharazon> i don't know
<pthag> bright green
<pthag> you don't know
<@pharazon> well i haven't been there in a long time
<pthag> okay i am going to google for green worm beach mexico
<Whim> http://tolweb.org/tree/learn/marinediscovery/3.2SpeciesListforPP.pdf  here's something
<pthag> okay pharazon here is what to do
<pthag> find out who compiled that species list
<pthag> then send them an email
<@pharazon> pthag, how about you do it instead
<pthag> because
<pthag> fuck you
<@pharazon> o
<Whimemsz> http://www.alanwisniewski.com/mexico/images/IMG_4350.JPG  phar, is this the worm?
<@pharazon> oh man it IS
<pthag> !
<Whimemsz> woohoo!
<pthag> well
<pthag> what is it
<Whimemsz> looks like a flatworm of some kind, Mr. Biologist
<Whimemsz> but you tell me
<Whimemsz> GOT IT
<Whimemsz> Phyllodoce tuberculosa
<Whimemsz> the Green sandflat worm
<@pharazon> :)
<@pharazon> my hero~
<Whimemsz> :D
<pthag> o look it's a polychaete
<pthag> mr drr flatworm
<Whimemsz> shut up, at least I found it
<Whimemsz> you just sat around on your ass talking about Latin
<@pharazon> mr drr i wasn't helpful AT ALL
<@pharazon> yes
<pthag> also look, 1975
<pthag> so recent
<pthag> just think
<pthag> if you had gone to the beach while the beatles were still going
<pthag> it would be a worm...

<Cev[in_mourning]> Yes, now, come on! Come all! Come to #almea to see the Amazing Circumsized Man! Marvel at the freak, whose very manhood has been cloven away! Gasp at how he is less a man, than a man ought to be. Laugh at his deficiencty, his inadequacy, his inferiority.......................... ..............  .....  .. *hangs head*

[20:02] Xephyr: shit i got toad
[20:02] lesbian_vampire_consultant: shoulda worn a white cape
[20:02] Xephyr: SHIT FUKC UC FUKC
[20:02] lesbian_vampire_consultant: or whatever the thing is that prevents toad
[20:02] Xephyr: WHY TODD WHY FUCK WHY
[20:02] Xephyr: FUCIK
[20:03] lesbian_vampire_consultant: "WHY TODD WHY FUCK WHY"?
[20:03] Xephyr: WHY TOAD
[20:03] Xephyr: TOAD YOU IDIOT
[20:03] lesbian_vampire_consultant: I know, it just sounded funny
[20:04] * lesbian_vampire_consultant finds this really really funny
[20:04] Ketske: Hehe
[20:04] Xephyr: Heh
[20:04] Xephyr: I'm not
[20:04] Xephyr: YES
[20:04] Xephyr: YES
[20:05] Xephyr: YES
[20:05] Xephyr: BATTLES OVER
[20:05] Xephyr: I used 3 Fire Veils and a Swift Bolt
[20:05] Xephyr: Plus 4 X-Potions
[20:05] Xephyr: I hate Toad

<Whimemsz> pthag you are the biologyish person
<Whimemsz> what do you know of fevers?
<pthag> well by definition you are too hot if you have a fever
<pthag> but too hot for what
<Cev> my shirt
<pthag> too hot for doing the the fever is supposed to be doing?
<pthag> like killing bad dudes in your blood?
<Cev> So that's what's going on?
<pthag> well it is one thing
<Cev> Bad dudes in my blood are getting killed?
<pthag> could be
<Cev> Is my fever at all related to my abdominal pain?
<pthag> since i am not only a doctor but a magical one who can identify what you have over the internet
<pthag> yes
<pthag> yes it is
<pthag> deeply + intimately related

<Cev> I think I'll start an online webseries
<Cev> Called "Fkuck"
<Cev> The joke of every episode is that the show is called "Fkuck"
<Cev> I figure I can milk at least three seasons out of that
<Nortaneous> comedy gold

<Whimemsz> Central Alaskan Yup'ik mallu- = "to find a beached carcass"

<Slereah> I have an idea for historical rabbi gay porn
<Slereah> It's called "Ram my Bam"
<cntr> wouldn't that be better as historical hindu gay porn
<Slereah> That one would be called
<Slereah> Yogi Bear

<Whimemsz> "In Switzerland, the disease [rabies] has been virtually eradicated after scientists placed chicken heads laced with live attenuated vaccine in the Swiss Alps.[77] The foxes of Switzerland, proven to be the main source of rabies in the country, ate the chicken heads and immunized themselves.[77]"
<Whimemsz> that's awesome
<pthagnar> swiss foxes rated 'most autistic' in europe

[19:23] <Pthag> ...
[19:23] <Pthag> Bah
[19:23] <Pthag> I fell asleep in the lecture today
[19:23] <Pthag> And now I learn people were balancing cans on my head
[19:23] <Miekko> heh
[19:23] <Pthag> And took photographs
[19:24] <Pthag> Apparently many people noticed
[19:24] <Miekko> that almost merits a lol
[19:28] <Pthag> ...
[19:28] <Pthag> On a whim I decided to check my lecture notes
[19:28] <Whimemsz> What do they say?
[19:28] <Pthag> And I see somebody has written "YOU HAVE A CAN ON YOUR HEAD"
[19:32] <Pthag> Apparently I stayed asleep a full 10 minutes after the end of the lecture.
[ED NOTE: heheheheh]
? Serafín posts: 48
, 農, Canada
<tiramisu-does-taxes> I mean if we can't agree that "divorce" when people use it is typically meant to mean "civil divorce" then I don't think we're going to come to a common foundation for this argument.
<pthag> it sounds like LIBERALISM to me
<pthag> also even if civil divorce is tolerated
<pthag> this has no basis for meaning there is a divorce in shariah
<tiramisu-does-taxes> shariah marriage and divorce is the most civil religious marriage and divorce I've ever heard of
<tiramisu-does-taxes> there's like 0 theology underlying it
<pthag> i do not mean islamic shariah
<pthag> i mean the one true catholic and apostolic shariah
? twabs fair maiden
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, Conversational Speaker, [ˈaɪwə]
<Mishael> first thing I thought of was salah'idin al ayyubi.
<ayyub> yes that is my brother
<ayyub> i am very old you see

-*- Cev injects

<CUM_SIURAN> anything chinese people can do, americans can do too
-*- CUM_SIURAN smokes opium

<Izambri> I need a word for "mucus" or a set of letters that yell such concept.
<Slereah> Snrrrt

<Play> "i bought 3300000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 cyanobacteria" is perfectly OK
<pthag> no
<pthag> it is not

<Slereah> twabs : My favorite version is actually the David Hasslehoff version
<Slereah> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJQVlVHsFF8
<Whimemsz> I didn't know this existed
<Slereah> it is great
<Whimemsz> lol
<Slereah> I'm not sure how the music video came about, though
<Slereah> I assume the guy behind the camera just said "Okay, act!"
<Slereah> Without further direction
<Slereah> and then they fixed it in post
<Whimemsz> the random dachsunds and angels are great
<Slereah> I'm not sure what feeling the Hoff is hooked on in this video
<Slereah> It's a very complex story
<Whimemsz> this is like ... a music video directed by someone who just learned what green screens are and will only be able to use one for THIS VIDEO and never again in their life

<Slereah> *tips fedora*
<guitarplayer> m'linux

<Cev> Democrats have the aliens tell them to live in harmony with the planet
<Cev> Republicans get things put up their ass
<Cev> Help me Dr Freud
<Cev> I need help interpreting this

<CUM_SIURAN> sf is one of the few places in the US where naming a local landmark after a company who paid hundreds of millions of dollars for it actually adds some authentic local color
<CUM_SIURAN> like, if it was twitter park?
<CUM_SIURAN> twitter is legit a thing the city of san francisco is known for

<slereah-work> Normans get out
<slereah-work> reeeeeee

<CUM_SIURAN> I think a blood red toilet would be cool
<CUM_SIURAN> also has the benefit that if you menstruated all over it, it would be less noticeable
? Serafín posts: 48
, 農, Canada
<Tanaphor> have u never done driving classes
<pthag> no
<Ser> no
<Cev> No.
<Cev> I was taught in the old way.
<Cev> I am American. My people learn to drive before we learn to walk.
<Tanaphor> like the ancient mongols
<Tanaphor> Born on a horse
<Cev> Sleep in the driver's seat.
<Cev> Drink the rain.
<Cev> Eat nothing but dried milk, dried meat, and motor oil.
? Izambri Left of the middle
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#isharia / 26-gen-2019
→ SHYPOWER ha entrat
<Radius> goodnight
<Tanaphor> night
<SHYPOWER> this room of ke is about
<Tanaphor> What
<Tanaphor> ?
<guitarplayer> inofficial hangout place for oldbies from an earlier iteration of verduria.org, basically
<Tanaphor> all approved by our lord Zompist
<SHYPOWER> ok i go out

#isharia / 31-gen-2019
<slereah-work> hey Cev
<Cev> mm
<slereah-work> What's up
<Cev> sky
<slereah-work> Not wrong
<slereah-work> unless you're in space
<slereah-work> in which case it may be down
<Isambri> is the sky falling, in your region?
<Isambri> chemtrails, maybe?
<Isambri> flying pigs?
<Karch> flying birds?
<slereah-work> Falling sky is an old French tradition
<Isambri> as you can read in Asterix
<Isambri> https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_ciel_lui_tombe_sur_la_t%C3%AAte

<dhok> and today we were reminded that
<dhok> while [kɔ̃] is the regular *portuguese* reflex of Latin *cum 'with'
<dhok> it is the regular *french* reflex of *cunnus 'vagina'
<dhok> whoooooops
<slereah-work> with vagina
<Isambri> CUM_CUNNUS
<dhok> i ordered a bagel vagina cream cheese
<Isambri> slurp
<Isambri> Lat. vagina gave Cat. beina "sheath, scabbard"
<Isambri> from an older baina (a stressed), from baína (i stressed)
<Isambri> 'scabbard: sheath for large blades'
<Isambri> *malicious-perv smile*
<Karch> after all Czech "pochva" means "blade sheath, vagina"

<Whimemsz> also I see Zompist has a new language out
<Whimemsz> "A scattering of words derives from Hindī, e.g. wala ‘person’." Just call it "Hindi" in English, Zompist, ffs
<Cev> I am offended on behalf of the people of भारत that Zompist didn't write that out in devanagari.
<Cev> Fucking colonizing mleccha!
<Whimemsz> repulsive
<Isambri> well, if that isn't cultural appropriation I don't know what it is
<Isambri> I mean, we shouldn't write such names in their original scripts. In fact neither the transliterated names in the Roman alphabet.
<Isambri> Nor the adapted (anglicised) versions of those names.
<Cev> izambri is right
<Cev> this is that "copenhagen interpretation" again
<Isambri> We should create a completely new set of names (toponyms and demonyms) to refer to foreign peoples, specially former colonies and native peoples
<Isambri> like PIE peoples not referring to bears and wolves with their real names
<Isambri> because, you know, sacred and scary shit
<guitarplayer> honeyeaters
<Isambri> that's a nice one, thank you
<Whimemsz> more creative than "brown"
<Whimemsz> at least

<Cev> there
<Cev> new blog post
<Cev> i hate it
<Whimemsz> I'll read it anyway
<Cev> Thanks Mom

<Cev> Actually nvm.
<Cev> I don't want to feed the balrog.
<Tanaphor> who is
<Tanaphor> the balrog
<Tanaphor> is it pthag
<pthag> i am come
<Cev> Yes.
<Tanaphor> Sorry pthag
<Ser> pthag is become the fiend
<Tanaphor> no food today
*CUM_SIURAN throws pthag some balrog-food*
<Tanaphor> He am become death, destroyer of worlds
<pthag> wizards
<Cev> War am bad.
<pthag> cev are u using me as a superego again
<Isambri> *pthag confirmed for balrog*

<Isambri> we need to sistematize it
<CUM_SIURAN> *systematize
<Isambri> *sistematitzise, actually
<Cev> Isambri teach me how to speak Catalan.
<Tanaphor> Please Cev
<Cev> How do you say "Hello my name is Cev"?
<Isambri> Cev, just say "lalalalrlrlrlrlrrlalalala"
<Tanaphor> It's hard enough to get Isambri to shut up about Catalan when nobodt asks
<Cev> What a beautiful language :')
<Isambri> the l's always dark. and you get it
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#isharia, today

<Cev> As you are well aware, as far as I'm concerned if it wasn't familiar to Homo habilis on the African savanah, it doesn't exist.
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, 農, Canada
<guitarplayer> ever since I returned from Canada I've preferred tapwater
<guitarplayer> because you don't usually get carbonated water in America it seems
<guitarplayer> so after months of drinking tapwater, I just stuck with it
<guitarplayer> since the tapwater here is reasonably good
<guitarplayer> and lugging some 9 kg of bottled water every couple of weeks also sucks
<Tanaphor> German man discovers drinking water
<guitarplayer> the thing is, my family's usually had antwater
<guitarplayer> and since that is normal here, I didn't really question it
<Tanaphor> guitarplayer confirmed for Arthur Aardvark
<Tanaphor> did you get antmilk in your babybottle
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<Whimemsz> "A joke dated c. AD 400, recently translated from Greek, shows similarities to the Parrot sketch. It was written by Hierocles and Philagrius and was included in a compilation of 265 jokes titled Philogelos: The Laugh Addict. In the Greek version, a man complains to a slave-merchant that his new slave has died. The slave-merchant replies, "When he was with me, he never did any such thing!"[9]"
<Whimemsz> that's a quality ancient joke
<@guitarplayer> Hierocles & Philagrius, Greek stand-up comedians of c. 400 AD
<@Tanaphor> What's the deal with trireme food?
<@Cev> I just sailed in from Cyprus and boy are my arms tired!
<@Cev> Because I was a galley slave!
<@Tanaphor> *rimshot*
<@Tanaphor> Ever notice how Athenians walk like this
<@Tanaphor> But abderites walk like *this*

<Smaug> I once threw an open container of apple sauce at someone as my bus was leaving in a Friday afternoon in high school
<Smaug> it hit a kid right in the face as he was walking to his mom's car
<Karch> poor guy
<Smaug> oh boy karch
<Smaug> I would throw rocks and batteries
<Smaug> spit gum at passing cars
<Smaug> I feel bad, because I remember that kid was looking really happy
<Smaug> he was having a great day, and the weekend had just started
<Karch> and them BAM!
<Smaug> precisely :)
<Smaug> on the other hand, it was the most perfect throw I've ever done
<Smaug> thrown with my right hand, on a moving bus, at a moving target
<Smaug> obviously God wanted that to happen

<Whimemsz> man, I need to, at some point, make Hikoomayii less of an Algonquian ripoff
<@Cev> Don't feel bad about making a conlang that's a natlang ripoff.
<@pharazon> every word i've ever said in this channel has been in a natlang-ripoff conlang and no one has noticed
<@pharazon> so don't worry about it

<Play> i have decided to derive the person markers in Poswa & Pabappa from evidential
<Play> so "i feel" becomes 1st person, "i see" becomes 3rd person, i forget what the 2nd person is
<@Cev> "i forget"
<@Cev> the best evidential

<@H13> i became incel long after i first had sex
<@H13> hashtag fuck the rules

<CUM_SIURAN> how fucked are you money-wise?
<pthag> how would i know how fucked i am
<pthag> the future contains unknown fuckers
<yng> I hope you are unfucked
<yng> soon
<yng> that the penis of misfortune
<yng> removes itself
<pthag> oh, another penis of misfortune may well be dicking me soon

<@Cev> https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DzQBMGKUYAAIsb7.jpg:large
<@Cev> phar you lived in Michigan
<@Cev> whats ur take on racist porn?

<@Cev> but yeah what even would be "racist porn"
<@Cev> actually let's fine out
@Cev goes to pornhub
<@Cev> (for science)
<@Cev> "Hoty Racist Chick Gets Black Dick Blind Folded And Loves It"
<@Cev> "White Girls Say The 'N' Word - Ultimate Compilation"
<@Cev> oh I am definiteyl watching this
<Whimemsz> thank you for doing so much science, Cev
<@pharazon> Whimemsz: but what about the replication crisis
<@pharazon> i had better try to duplicate these results

<Izambri> Naima this year Easter falls on
<Naima> this year easter falls on christmas?

<slereah-work> no spoilers plz
<slereah-work> otherwise I will spoil how you die
<@Cev> Slereah
<@Cev> How will I die?
<slereah-work> (It's diabetes)
<@Cev> o
<@Cev> that's not so bad
<@Cev> wait
<@Cev> Do I have any amputated limbs?
<slereah-work> Not even
<@Cev> whew
<slereah-work> v. bland
<slereah-work> The soda was the murderer all along
<@Cev> Delicious murder.

<@Cev> ah my stomach hurts
<@Cev> dang soda
<@Cev> dang diabetus
<YiffyRifters> [tanaphor] The prophecy
<YiffyRifters> [tanaphor] Has come true

<Play> he looks nothing like Hitler. obviously htey used makeup, hair dye etc, but i wonder how he got the part
<Ser> all you need is the moustache
<Ser> you can even cast a black man as Hitler, just need the moustache
<pthag> pls don't cast robert mugabe as hitler

<@guitarplayer> https://twitter.com/DannyDutch/status/1096333538557874177
<Whimemsz> poor pufferfish
<Whimemsz> is there no sea creature dolphins won't abuse?!
<Tanaphor> I will take one for the team
<Tanaphor> Dolphins, come abuse me
<Tanaphor> No one else has to suffer

<@pharazon> I'm at a lesbian bar but they have monogender bathrooms
<@pharazon> My male privilege :(
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#isharia / 1-feb-2019
<Cev> pthag
<pthag> cev
<Cev> If you and I were to play chess
<Cev> and if you were to intentionally maneuver me such that I cannot make any movies whatsoever without placing my king into check (which is illegal)
<Cev> What is that?
<Cev> You win, right?
<pthag> that is called checkmate
<Cev> Yes.
<Cev> That is called checkmate.
<Cev> And you win.
<Cev> this fucking stupid fucking chess app I got on my fucking phone
<Cev> thinks that that is stalemate
<Cev> and is a "draw"
<pthag> well
<Cev> You can call it "stalemate" if you want
<pthag> did it happen after like n repeated iterations
<Cev> But it is not a fucking draw
<pthag> of the same move
<Cev> No
<pthag> idk the autistic details of stalemate
<pthag> do u still have the board
<pthag> or did u throw ur phone into a piece of agriculture

<Cev> I haven't seen what this conversation is
<Cev> But I agree with whimsz
<Cev> screw people

#isharia / 18-feb-2019
<Cev> I do get confused when people talk about like, bubble universes
<Cev> It always seems like from what they say that the universe should have an edge
<Cev> and I'm like ok what's at the edge
<Cev> is it a wall?
<Cev> a big beautiful wall?
<Cev> is it heaven?
<Cev> maybe it's heaven
<miekko> imagine a situation where the universe forms some kind of closed surface
<miekko> e.g. a 3-sphere or a 3-torus or somesuch
<Cev> Right, it doesn't— at least SEEM to me— that that's what they mean though
<miekko> this is at least an interpretation that should make sense
<miekko> now, we could imagine there being other universes with similar topologies
<miekko> existing in some kind of "meta-universe"
<miekko> heck, maybe even a flat plane universe
<miekko> that extends forever in this meta-univesre
<miekko> anyways, so
<miekko> we could imagine strange things like a spherical universe embedded within a spherical universe
<miekko> or a spherical universe within a toroidal universe
<miekko> toroidal universes that pass through each other's "holes"
<Cev> giggity
<miekko> these universes are called 'gay' universes
<Cev> Is that the technical term used by cosmologists?
<miekko> yes.
<miekko> they seriously hope we do not live in such a universe.
<Izambri> homophobic
<Cev> Yeah me too
<miekko> in case we do, the catholic church has prepared an ARSEnal of weapons of mass destruction to utterly destroy the universe
<Izambri> "Darling I hope our universe isn't gay"

<Izambri> Naima Arabian dicks
<Naima> arabian dicks would be less of an issue since when you bake them they poof up with wicked cotton mouth and i must say i liked it )
<Izambri> ugh
<Yatalac> thanks naima
<Naima> thanks freud in particular i mean if you're making up a stereotype for coboi movie

<guitarplayer> Tanaphor: so how's your website going?
<Tanaphor> guitarplayer : Well I try to update it once in a while
<Tanaphor> But lack of time and motivation makes it hard
<Tanaphor> I should make some meth rly

Breaking Bad, Updating Worse
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#isharia / 22-feb-2019
<Tanaphor> Jesus Christ why are modern appliances so hard to take apart
<CUM_SIURAN> it's a new era now
<guitarplayer> Tanaphor: because you're supposed to rebuy rather than repair~
<Tanaphor> It's not an iphone it's a fucking vibrator
<Cev> Why don't you use one of your other 49 vibrators?
<Tanaphor> Cev : not the same horsepower

← guitarplayer ha sortit (Quit: I wish you a pleasant time while my location on this planet does not face its star)
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<Tanaphor> help
<Tanaphor> I made too many macaronis
<Tanaphor> I may die
<Tanaphor> of pasta poisoning
<Radius> you'll be pasta point of no return

<Whimemsz> man Piraha is such a fake language
<Whimemsz> there's no way it's real
<Whimemsz> one of these days we're gonna learn it was all an elaborate hoax
<@cev> I don't feel that way about Piraha
<@cev> I feel that way about the ridiculous fucking, like
<@cev> Secret Phoneme
<@cev> it has
<Whimemsz> the raspberry phoneme or whatever?
<@cev> "The language has a secret phoneme that I never once heard in 30 years living among them because they all restrained themselves from saying it when I was within earshot all the time, every day." "Really, what is it?" "*makes ridiculous farting noise with mouth*"

<@guitarplayer> ofc our doors are also different from those in America
<@cev> they don't open from the inside?
<Smaug> hinges are on the top
<Smaug> you secure it with a hook
<@guitarplayer> the door leaf doesn't close into the frame
<@guitarplayer> because the hinge is outside of the frame
<@guitarplayer> not built into it
<@cev> This is what gp has to go through each time he wants to enter or leave his house:
<@cev> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15MHyZ1RH-A&t=1m04s

<Tanaphor> Help
<Tanaphor> This is the most boringest conversation of all times
<Tanaphor> I may have to commit suicide
<Tanaphor> to escape discussing door hinges
<Whimemsz> I agree with Tanaphor, let's talk about something else
<Tanaphor> Oh look
<Tanaphor> the two jews agree on something
<Tanaphor> Suspiscious

<Laptop_Cev> btw for real it wasn't until like 2 weeks ago that I learned that the knights Templar and the knights Hospitaller were named because they were associated with a temple and a hospital respectively
<Laptop_Cev> I'm really dumb, man.
<Laptop_Cev> Like really dumb.
<@pharazon> wait til you find out they were knights

<Tanaphor> Phew
<Tanaphor> that was a spooky hour
<Tanaphor> PC wouldn't boot back up
<Tanaphor> had to remove a RAM bar
<Tanaphor> mb it's shot I dunno
<Ser> Tanaphor: time to save all the porn files
<Tanaphor> That is slander but also accurate

<@Legion> Izambri > those aren't dildos, those are external vibrators
<@Legion> (unless you're very brave)
<Tanaphor> Well I mean
<Tanaphor> you can use it internally
<Tanaphor> (I have done so)
<@Legion> (you're very brave)
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#isharia / 3-mar-2019
<Whimemsz> there's plenty much more to come? I thought they were tabulating their scores??
<Cevv> this is the men's physique I think
<Cevv> after this is the bikini international
<Cevv> and then the strongman classic
<Whimemsz> oh
<Cevv> I wonder if Hafþor Bjornsson will be there
<Play> i've heard of him. he lifted and carried an anchor or something
<Cevv> ya he's famous because he was on game of thrones
<Play> most tall men are thin, but he is both extremely tall and very muscular
<pharazon> are you sure it was the same guy
<pharazon> there are probably 100 Hafþor Bjornssons in iceland and they all carry anchors
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#isharia / 3-mar-2019
<Cev> ok so it looks like the euro shift is taking over
<Cev> later
← Cev ha sortit (Quit:)
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#isharia / 27-mar-2019
<Play> we might be able to genetically engineer a species of plankton that eats those things and secretes other pollutants that will either evaporate or sink
<Tanaphor> if we want a species to eat a big block of congealed fat why not ask Americans
<Whimemsz> >
<Izambri> hohohohoh
<Tanaphor> Take THAT

#isharia / 28-mar-2019
<tanaphor-work> Naima elves
<Naima> elves are like allah.
<Izambri> Elrond making salaat in the middle of Rivendell when Gandalf and the Dwarves arrive at dusk
<Izambri> such view
<Izambri> and Arwen with a burka fighting the Ringwraiths
<Izambri> very appropriate
<Izambri> Naima dwarves
<Naima> dwarves
<Izambri> Naima hobbits
<Naima> hobbits have five or more vowels and an archiphoneme /ʕ/
<tanaphor-work> Naima dwarf
<Naima> dwarf planets have that too; the discriminating criteria is "having cleared their neighborhood of similar mass objects to be a criminal, yes
<tanaphor-work> CRIMES
<Izambri> criminal Pluto
<Izambri> the rough side of the solar system
<Izambri> Naima Uruk-hai
<Naima> uruk-hai fight at the end of the video has the toilet exploding because they threw in the sodium and flushed down the toilet afterwards. she was nice of course u don't engage w/ goth culture enough imo
<Izambri> hahahah
<Izambri> so good
<tanaphor-work> those vandals
<Izambri> yeah, it's the very concept, it has all it needs to have: Uruk-hai, exploding toilets and goth culture
<tanaphor-work> it works on many levels
<tanaphor-work> The Uruk-hai are orcs, modelled on the barbarian invaders
<tanaphor-work> such as the goths and the vandals
<tanaphor-work> vandals are prone to destroy toilets
<tanaphor-work> it is all connected

#isharia / 30-mar-2019
<tiramisu> https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/03/29/dinosaur-fossils-discovered-day-asteroid-hit-e...
<tiramisu> this is kind of cool
<tiramisu> like apparently these fossils didn't even just starve to death, but they died violently in a rain of fire and brimstone and despair
<Tanaphor> "ouch!"
<tiramisu> I hope some of them were fossilized with facial expressions expressing their shock and terror at their imminent death
<Izambri> their aggrieved and scandalized face expressions for such a rude event
<Tanaphor> tiramisu : Here is a photo of the preserved fossil
<Tanaphor> dinosaur.jpg
<Izambri> One of the dinosaurs saying, seconds before dying, "Oh, dear... That's my third monocle this week"
<tiramisu> they must have felt so betrayed by the Earth that they had loved so much, now giving them up to the violent cruelties of its moodswings
<Izambri> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdCq1rAjLIg
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, Baron message
<@pharazon> Just passed a guy on the sidewalk raving about Koreans and Chinese in a faux-Asian accent
<@Cev> sure he wasn't just Japanese?
? Whimemsz posts: 60
, Novice Speaker message
<Tanaphor> I like how in veterinary booklets they make you write the name of the pet
<Tanaphor> Writing MITTENS in this very serious document
<@pharazon> today we honor the noble dog who gave his life in saving 5 children from a burning building
<@pharazon> mr floofers

<Tanaphor> Back from zee doctor
<Tanaphor> I now have
<Tanaphor> SICK DAYS
<Cevv> what do you have
<Tanaphor> angina
<Cevv> you too?
<Cevv> I'm gonna end up being the only cis in this channel in not too long

<Ser> On the Semantics-Pragmatics Interface (2019) https://i.imgur.com/sIYjBfT.jpg

<Tanaphor> books more like boobs
<@guitarplayer> whynotboth.gif
<Ser> boobs-on-books
<Ser> I'm trying to find an image of a girl with her breasts resting on a thick open book
<Ser> can't find any
<Ser> let's say I paid some girl to take a picture of herself with her tits out resting on a book
<Ser> what would be a good choice of book
<Tanaphor> A tale of two titties
<Tanaphor> it was the breast of times
<Tanaphor> it was the worst of times

<Ser> seriously though, no suggestions for the book other than Dickens?
<Tanaphor> Finnegan's Wank

<@Cev> Which is why I think the whole "arranged marriages in hunter-gatherers" thing is a red herring
<@Cev> when it comes to instinctive human female mate choice preferences
<@Cev> The instinct is clearly *there* and it didn't just spring out of nowhere
<@Cev> Those elephants must be using those tusks for SOMETHING
<tiramisu> maybe they're just for being pretty!
<tiramisu> like boobies.
<tiramisu> and massive penises that don't fit inside you.
<@Cev> You underestimate me

<@Cev> oh apparently there is a line in The Prisoner of Azkaban that explicitly says Hermione is white?
<Whimemsz> what's the line?
<@Cev> "Herminoe's white face was sticking out from behind a tree."
<Tanaphor> is there a line about Dumbledore's straight face, too?

<Yatalac> holy shit
<Yatalac> rhetorica
<Yatalac> i feel like i've seen the loch ness monster
<Rhetorike> we are all the loch ness monster

<@Cev> rhetorica was just quoting J Robert Oppenheimer
<@Cev> after the atomic bomb he said "Now we are all the loch ness monster"
<Rhetorike> yes
<Rhetorike> we are become loch ness, destroyer of f-stop
<@Cev> oh wait wikipedia says that it was Kenneth Bainbridge who said that
<Rhetorike> yeah, oppenheimer said the line i just quoted
<Whimemsz> oh, apparently Oppenheimer didn't say it at the time
<Whimemsz> I didn't know that
<Whimemsz> he just thought about it
<@pharazon> do you think he regretted not saying it
<@pharazon> i mean you don't get a chance like that very often
<@Cev> I bet he was going to but then Bainbridge stepped on his dick before he had the chance
<@Cev> and ruined the moment
<Whimemsz> yeah probably
<Whimemsz> what a jerk
<@pharazon> it was probably kind of awkward
<@pharazon> like they all had some line prepared
<@pharazon> and everyone tried to say theirs at the same time
<@Cev> yeah like I bet Fermi was all ready to quote the line from the Bible where it talked about God punishing the unbelievers with loch ness monsters

<Smaug> I'm reading a book about Minas Gerais during the first republic
<Smaug> it turns out that the state was very boring.
<Smaug> in other states you had communists and anarchists running amok
<Smaug> blood feuds
<Smaug> civil wars
<@pharazon> First republic
<@pharazon> Was that after the line of Gondor failed
<Smaug> phar it gets even worse
<Smaug> Brazil's first republic is also known as the Old Republic
<Izmabri> Minas Anor, Minas Ithil and Minas Gerais. The three great cities of the Elder Days.

<@Legion> Bach has a lot of famous compositions but, it's only a tiny bit of all the stuff he composed (over 1000 known compositions)
<CUM_SIURAN> what's the worst thing bach composed
<Tanaphor> CUM_SIURAN : Fart Noises in A minor
<@Legion> you're thinking of Mozart
<@Legion> *historical joke*

<CUM_SIURAN> I'm glad that you, a queer man, agree with me about whether a cartoon rat in a children's tv show seems like he would be plausibly gay

<Play> tomorrow itll say "Did You Know .... the Voynich manuscript has been deciphered? And it only took 2 hours!"
<Tanaphor> Someone noticed that we've been holding it upside down the whole time
<Tanaphor> and it was actually plain English