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mihr (2), v. die, go out (of fires)
mójin (1), adj. light color (white, light grey, light brown, orange, yellow, green)
mójin (2), n. pigment in a light color
moskúl, n. enemy
mros (1), n. height
mros (2), n. roof
mros (3), v. be tall
mros (4), v. shelter
, num. four
múr, adj. old, aged
mürge, adj. dark, blackish
múrgi (1), adj. clear, transparent
múrgi (2), adj. soft
múrgi (3), adj. easily understandable
múrgi (4), adj. of a difficulty suitable for beginners or novices
mûs, det. any (one)
n, p. (genitive marker)
ná‘, p. throughout the general area, around
nës, n. boot, heavy-duty garb for the feet
néür, n. axe
ngaskar (1), n. symbol of a unit in the armed forces
ngaskar (2), v. shout, scream
ngidí (1), n. tide
ngidí (2), v. repeat
ngor, num. ten
, v. swing (something)
níe, det. a certain one of these
nöng (1), n. fire
nöng (2), n. dye
nöng (3), v. burn
nöng (4), v. dye
ö3, conj. and
oghet, p. until
ohak, p. around, encircling
öhis (1), n. isthmus, pass, causeway, bridge
öhis (2), v. connect, bridge
óndó, p. (away) from
ör, conj. but, although
or, n. glove, garb covering the hands
r, det. (negative marker)
rághé, p. before, prior
re, conj. or (exclusive)
(1), n. child of
(2), p. child of
rghé, det. some (of)
rmí, det. (a) certain
, det. some (of)
rúlo, det. no, none
sang, p. around, about, here, there, throughout the general area
sar, det. any (one) of these

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