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ségl, p. up, above
sek, det. any (one) of these
séul, det. a certain one of these
signa, p. about, concerning, regarding, with respect to
sn, det. (a) certain
so‘, p. down, below
sokh, conj. or (exclusive)
sonen, conj. then
sönö, num. eight
sr, det. no, none
sûe3, p. until
sük, det. any (one)
tázik (1), n. branch (plants)
tázik (2), v. reach (out)
tng, p. to/at the center of
töhír, v. live, prosper, survive, thrive
tr, det. all (of)
tu, det. (a) certain
ú, det. (a) certain
ü, det. (definite article)
üjí, det. all (of)
üm, p. parallel to, alongside (something)

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