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etńe, vt. To choose or determine by some other means from among multiple options.
etukut, vt. To ladle out or dip out or spoon out.
faf, vt. To blow or produce a current of (air or some other fluid).
fahra, vi. To laugh.
faj, vi. To be high, lofty.
farh, vt. To participate in or play a game, in the sense of “fefarh”.
fe-, va. Converts the verb into a noun representing a result or abstraction of the process of the action or state described by the verb (‘the result of [verb]-ing is that one is undergoing [noun]’).
fêâfkâr, n. Diffusion; scattering.
feajnôn, n. Prosperity.
feajz, n. The state of being in the sky; enskyment.
fêâkćâ, n. A strike or hit.
fêân, n. Intelligence.
fećakaj, n. Understanding; wisdom; sapience.
fećam, n. Thought.
fećantan, n. Knowledge.
fêćêr, n. An act or deed.
fêćîn, n. An elongation; an extension; a stretch; a reaching forth.
feegiš, n. The emotion of disappointment.
fêêk, n. Continuation of or persistence in some action.
feeris, n. Brightness.
fees, n. A glow.
feetfet, n. Succession.
feetifrak, n. A breaking off.
feetihajćûr, n. A travelling away, an outward journey.
feetihej, n. A departure.
feetńe, n. A choice, decision, or determination from among multiple options.
fefaf, n. Wind.
fefahra, n. A laugh; when transnumeral, laughter.
fefaj, n. Highness, loftiness.
fefarh, n. An often ritualized following of an abstract rule set which might or might not be self-modifying, and which requires input from a follower.
fefen, n. Spatial nearness, closeness, or proximity.
fefjat, n. A creation //ex nihilo//.
fefrak, n. Brokenness.
fegeh, n. The state of serving or working for another; servitude (but with less negative connotations) or employment (as a state).
fêgêrt, n. Largeness.
fehajćûr, n. A journey, voyage, or trip.
fehar, n. Heat.
fêhât, n. Hearing.
fehaûn, n. Chaos; disorder; confusion.
fehej, n. Movement; motion.
fehim, n. A lack; deficiency; absence.
fehjeh, n. The quality of being set apart for religious purposes; sacredness, holiness.
fehraj, n. A consumption by fire.
fehrez, n. Anger; wrath; fury; ire.
fehrima, n. Newness; novelty.
feij, n. A dream.
feiregiš, n. A disappointment; a failure to fulfil an expectation.
feireris, n. A brightening.
feires, n. An ignition.
feirhej, n. A propulsion or launch.

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