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urâfkâr, vt. To scatter something; to disperse something.
ûrajnôn, vt. To cause to prosper or do well.
ûrajz, vt. To ensky.
ûrćakaj, vt. To cause to understand.
ûrćam, vt. To cause to think.
ûrćantan, vt. To teach.
urćot, vt. To imprint, impress, or stamp.
urćuj, vt. To color.
urćuk, vt. To cause to produce sound.
ûretifrak, vt. To break something off or away.
urf, det. First.
ûrfahra, vt. To cause to laugh.
ûrfaj, vt. To raise (something) up; to elevate; to lift; to upraise.
ûrfrak, vt. To break something, shatter, smash, fract.
urfzo, vt. To permit some agent to do something; to allow.
ûrhar, vt. To heat something.
ûrhaûn, vt. To bring to disorder or chaos; to confuse or confound (but not in the mental sense).
ûrhraj, vt. To set fire to; to burn something.
urhuš, vt. To make cold; to cool.
urkârhâš, vt. To render powerless; to defeat; to subdue.
ûrkôp, vt. To split something; to divide and separate something completely.
urktum, vt. To make heavy.
ûrkûk, vt. To make capable or able; enable.
ûrmah, vt. To empty.
ûrmajern, vt. To elongate something.
urmur, vt. To darken something.
urńâf, vt. To fatten.
ûrnahwe, vt. To introduce to; to inspire familiarity or acquantance in.
ûrôfôt, vt. To clothe.
ûrôk, vt. To feed another; to cause to eat or drink.
uromon, vt. To distance; to make farther away.
urontzoš, vt. To standardize or conventionalize.
ûrpahtij, vt. To make physically strong, mighty, powerful; to strengthen; to train someone physically.
ûrpat, vt. To level; to flatten.
ûrphôk, vt. To nauseate; to cause to vomit.
urpos, vt. To appoint as ruler; to coronate; to crown.
urpton, vt. To stand something up; to cause to stand.
uršâp, vt. To fill up.
ûršara, vt. To amuse.
ûrsfaj, vt. To instil fear; to terrify.
ûrsfat, vt. To unify something; to consolidate, merge together, combine something.
ûršût, vt. To cause to feel.
ursuz, vt. To relocate or resttle another.
ûrswaj, vt. To twist or curl something or to convolute.
ûrt, part. Marks the ends of relative clauses.
urtâphok, vt. To cause to fight.
urtojp, vt. To widen.
ûrtran, vt. To awaken someone or something.
urtuń, vt. To limit or bound; to constrain with a boundary or end.
urtuš, vt. To submerge (something); to immerse.

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