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ûrûj, vt. To cause something to be the same thing as another; to transform something into something else.
ûrûjt, vt. To cause to exist; to create (not necessarily ex nihilo).
ûrûn, vt. To put to sleep.
uruš, vt. To silence.
uruut​, vt. To isolate; to make alone.
ûrzar, vt. To redden.
ûrzhafim, vt. To exhaust or tire someone.
ûrzjaćakaj, vt. To make wise, enlighten.
ûrzna, vt. To place; to set; to put in place.
, vi. To produce no sound; to be silent.
ûš, comp. Serves as a complementizer for (and thus introduces) all complement clauses.
usâ, n. A lip (of the mouth).
uśtarhier, prop. (//not in-world//) The god Uzhdarchiel.
ut, n. One.
utâš, n. A year.
utûp, n. One.
uut​, vt. To be alone and isolated from.
za, conj. But rather; but instead.
zaj, part. The positive interrogative particle, prepended to a word to be questioned to turn a declarative statement into a polar question with a stated expectation or implication of a positive answer.
zar, vi. To be red.
zem, conj. Subtracts the set containing the following nouns from the set containing the preceding nouns; except.
zen, prep. If one disregards; except for.
zhafim, vi. To be tired or weary.
zim, pv. The interrogative pro-verb; do what.
zîń, vi. To have all parts included; to be whole, entire, complete.
zja-, va. To have a tendency or nature to do.
zjââgrof, vi. To be forgetful.
zjaajz, vi. To be a sky-dweller; to be native to the skies.
zjaćakaj, vi. To be wise, enlightened.
zjaćam, vi. To be thoughtful.
zjâćuj, vi. To be colorful, multicolored, variegated.
zjâćuk, vi. To tend to make sound, be noisy.
zjâêk, vt. To be persistent (in doing).
zjaetifrak, vi. To be factious or tend to break away.
zjafahra, vi. To be quick to laugh.
zjafjat, vi. To be creative.
zjagûrh, vi. To be lazy or indolent.
zjahât, vi. To be observant in terms of hearing.
zjahej, vi. To be dynamic or constantly in motion.
zjahim, vi. To be poor.
zjahraj, vi. To be flammable.
zjahrez, vt. To be easily angered (with something).
zjaij, vi. To dream often and deeply.
zjairegiš, vi. To be generally disappointing.
zjâîrkhêh, vi. To be murderous.
zjairne, vi. To be generous, charitable, or giving.
zjairšes, vi. To be concerning or worrisome.
zjaketpneš, vi. To tend to be always prepared.
zjaki​, vi. To tend to shout and yell; to be loud, noisy, or boisterous.
zjakreš, vi. To be destructive.

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