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zjakûk, vi. To be generally competent.
zjâmêjk, vi. To be lucky.
zjamim, vi. To be peaceable or calm by nature; to be equanimous.
zjane, vi. To be wealthy or rich.
zjâpos, vi. To be authoritative or commanding.
zjâpton, vi. To be stable.
zjaśag, vt. To be derisive, mocking, or contemptuous of.
zjašara, vi. To be easily amused.
zjašemek, vi. To be predatory.
zjasfaj, vi. To be fearful or jumpy.
zjasfat, vi. To be cohesive.
zjašôm, vi. To be observant in terms of sight.
zjâśorf, vi. To be talkative.
zjaśrepšo, vt. To be durable and hard to destroy (by or in relation to something, when transitive); to be a survivor.
zjašût, vt. To be emotional (if transitive, with a specific emotion).
zjaswaj, vi. To be tortuous, twisty, or convoluted; to be continually twisting.
zjatak, vi. To be constructive; to be creative with physical materials.
zjâtâphok, vi. To have a fighting nature; to be warlike, bellicose, combative.
zjâtuš, vi. To be a sea-dweller; to be native to underwater.
zjaûršara, vi. To be amusing or entertaining generally (not necessarily at some specific time).
zjâuš, vi. To be reticent or reserved.
zjâuut​, vt. To be a loner or outcast; to tend to be isolated (from).
zjîf, vi. To be drowsy or sleepy.
zna, vi. To be at a particular place; to lie.
zo-, va. Marks the past tense, used for events, actions, or states of being that were taking place or valid at some point in the past.
zuj, vt. To suck.
zun, n. Night.
zur, n. Time itself (not a duration of time, etc.).
zwif, n. An aquatic entity that internally decreases entropy, respirates without direct contact with air, and has some endoskeletal structure; fish.

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