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fôûjt, n. Existence.
fôûn, n. Sleep.
fourhuš, n. Cooling.
fôûrôk, n. An act of causing something to eat or drink; feeding, plying with drink.
fourontzoš, n. Standardization; conventionalization.
fourpos, n. Appointment as ruler; coronation or inauguration.
fourpton, n. Establishment.
fôûrûj, n. Transformation.
fôûrûjt, n. Creation.
fouruut​, n. Shunning; avoidance.
fouš, n. Silence; quiet.
fouut​, n. Isolation.
fozjâćuj, n. Colorfulness, variegation.
fôzjagûrh, n. Laziness; indolence; sloth.
fôzjakûk, n. General competence.
frak, vi. To be broken or shattered.
frî, vt. To ingest liquids; to drink.
fzo, vt. To be permitted to do something; to be allowed; may.
gaj-, va. Marks the subjunctive mood, used to indicate events, actions, or states of being that are hypothetical but not necessarily probable.
gâr, adv. Well; satisfactorily; favourably; accurately; competently.
gât, dg. Very much, exceedingly, extremely.
geh, vt. To be a servant for; to work for; to perform duties for; to serve.
gêrt, vi. To be large or big.
gesek, adv. Sometimes.
gjun, padv. The proximate pro-adverb for a location and a time; here and now.
go, prep. Physically upon.
goântshuńohok, adv. Yesterday.
goântsitetek, adv. Tomorrow.
gok, n. An organic vessel in which an embryo develops; egg.
gor, n. A male human; wer; man.
goz, n. A structure used as a habitation, abode, or dwelling; house.
gozmut, n. One belonging to or inhabiting a house; tenant or resident.
gra-, na. Forms an augmentative.
grâfot, n. A noun.
grâfouut​, n. Complete or terrible isolation.
grâgoz, n. A large house; a mansion.
grâkop, n. A large rock; boulder.
gramwi, n. Large body of water; sea or ocean.
grât, padv. The interrogative pro-adverb asking for the substitution of a location and a time; where and when.
gratreg, n. A spike.
groj, padv. The obviate pro-adverb for a location and a time; there and then.
gûrh, vi. To be idle due to a lack of strength or will; rest.
gwan, n. A plain; a flat expanse of grassland.
gwirta, adv. Anciently; long ago; of old; roughly equivalent to Serbo-croatian “odavno”.
haf, n. Sand.
hahûr, vt. To breathe; to repeatedly inhale and exhale.
hajćûr, vi. To travel, journey, undertake a voyage or trip.
har, vi. To be hot.
haš, pn. The first-union-second-person personal pronoun, indicating the addressing and addressed identity simultaneously, together with other possible entities that might be grouped with them; you and I.
hât, n. An organ used for hearing; ear.

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