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îrfrî, vt. To cause to drink; to ply with drink.
irgeh, vt. To cause another to work for someone (or for oneself); to furnish with a task or job; to employ (in the occupational sense), but not necessarily hire.
îrgêrt, vt. To grow something; make bigger.
irhej, vt. To cause to move; to propel; to launch.
irhim, vt. To cause to lack something or be in want.
irhjeh, vt. To set aside for religious use; sanctify, hallow, make holy.
irhrez, vt. To anger, infuriate.
irhrima, vt. To renew; to rejuvenate.
îrît, vt. To end something; to cause to end.
irkef, vt. To prepone; to advance (bring nearer in time).
irketpneš, vt. To prepare another; to get someone or something ready.
îrkhêh, vt. To cause the object to cease living; to kill.
irkiš, vt. To postpone; to delay.
irmej, vt. To thin something (in the sense of to make thinner, not to dilute).
irmik, vt. To give meaning or symbolism to; to signify.
irmim, vt. To cause to be still, calm, or peaceful; to pacify or calm.
irne, vt. To cause to have; to give.
irńerk, vt. To shorten.
îrpêm, vt. To thicken.
irsej, vt. To make visible or manifest; to reveal; to uncover; to unveil.
irśen, vt. To mix or blend together.
iršes, vt. To cause to have concern or care; to concern.
iršet, vt. To surprise, startle, suddenly alarm.
irśis, vt. To shrink something.
iršite, vt. To cause to happen; to induce; to occasion.
irśrep, vt. To cause to live; to give birth to.
irter, vt. To cause to remain or endure; to preserve.
irtim, vt. To put beside or together; to cause to be beside; to gather.
îrzîń, vt. To make whole; to complete; to finish.
îrzjîf, vt. To make sleepy.
îš, conj. But; joins clauses with a significant degree of contrast.
isi, n. A very short duration of time; moment; instant; second.
ît​, vi. To come to an end; to end; to finish.
itsjat, vt. To stab.
îz, prep. From; out of.
izet, vt. To write.
izi, conj. Inclusive or.
îzrê, padv. Thence; from that place.
îzrêj, padv. Whence; from what place.
îzrî, padv. Hence; from this place.
ka​, part. The neutral interrogative particle, prepended to a word to be questioned to turn a declarative statement into a polar question with no stated expectation or implication of either answer.
kah, n. Dust.
kaje, vt. To bite.
kârhâš, vi. To be powerless, impotent, or helpless.
kef, vi. To be in the near future; be soon.
kêm, n. A leg.
kên, n. A specific event (in the physics sense) in or region of spacetime; place and time.
kêš, det. The interrogative determiner; what; which.
kes, n. Tooth.
ketpneš, vt. To have taken all measures that sufficient consideration has deemed necessary; to be prepared or ready for.

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