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nomorp, n. A set of roots.
nômôsjaj, n. A flock of birds.
nompfmoj, n. A pile of leaves.
nompfoćuj, n. A palette or range of colors (present in some particular thing, or otherwise naturally grouped in a set).
nômpfôkûk, n. A set of abilities; skillset.
nômpfôôfôt, n. A collection of clothing; wardrobe.
nompfot, n. A list or collection of names.
nompfuśorof, n. A linguistic community.
nompfusuz, n. The set of residents of some place; in this sense, a community.
nompfuurćuk, n. An orchestra.
nompfuuut​, n. A band of outcasts.
nomusâ, n. A set of lips.
nôńćšôm, n. A set or pair of eyes.
nonosmos, n. A tuft of grass.
nôntôm, n. A set of finger- and toenails or claws.
nôntsfapaśôh, n. A multiverse.
nontsmor, n. A set or group of people.
nôntûf, n. A tuft of feathers.
nontujâ, n. A body of doctrines or principles to be followed; a complete ethics or philosophy.
nosmos, n. An organism whose above-ground portion consists of narrow leaves growing upward from a base; grass.
nûć, n. An embryonic organism that can be sown to yield the adult organism; seed.
ńug, conj. From the cause of; because; for.
ńuhu, vt. To clean with liquid; to wash.
nuj-, na. Converts the noun into a verb meaning «to be exactly the same thing as [the marked noun]».
ńun, padv. The proximate pro-adverb for an explanatory reason; from this cause; because of this; herefore.
nûr, pn. The second-person personal pronoun, indicating the addressed entity; you.
nûstfûs, n. Any substance used as an adhesive to hold together bricks, masonry, or other constructions; mortar or cement.
ńut, vi. To frown.
ôfôt, vt. To wear; to be clad in.
ohumâ, n. A large round rocky astronomical body; planet.
ôjhô, n. Knee.
ôk, vt. To ingest; to eat or drink.
ok, na. Marks the dative case, used primarily for the indirect object of the verb, indicating the object to or for which the action is done, and for objects of prepositions.
ok (2), prep. All around; about; to all sides of.
omon, vt. To be far from; to be distant from.
ontzoš, vi. To be conventional, standard, or default.
opom, n. Forward or upper limb; arm.
orm, conj. Serves as a generic coordinating conjunction for CPs, effectively functioning as a semicolon or an “and” if the CPs thus conjoined are not specifiers of any other phrase.
orp, n. An underground organ used for the absorption of water; root.
ort, n. Top; summit; peak; apex.
ôru, n. Seven.
ôruûp, n. Seven.
, prep. In the role of; as.
ôšfjô, n. Fat.
ôsjaj, n. An entity that internally decreases entropy which lays eggs to produce young, respirates in direct contact with air, has an endoskeletal structure, and can fly; flying bird.
ôst, prep. Toward; in the direction of.
ôst tosmorok, tosmor, adv. An idiomatic phrase roughly meaning “each other” or “to each other” (literally “human to human”).
ôsthras, adv. Eastward; toward the east.
ôsthras (2), n. East.
ôstug, adv. Downward; toward the bottom.

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