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ot, vt. To be named or called.
otućuk, vt. To echo.
otuńuhu, vt. To wash off or wash away.
ôtûûrkôp, vt. To split something away or split off.
otuursuz, vt. To banish; to exile.
otuurtuń, vt. To remove limits or bounds from; to make unbounded.
otuuut​, vt. To grow apart or drift away from (especially socially).
otuzur, vt. To suck out, suck away.
pa-, na. Marks a pro-form as indefinite.
pahtij, vi. To be physically strong, mighty, powerful.
pahwes, padv. For some motivating reason; for some purpose.
pâkên, padv. Sometime and somewhere; at some event in spacetime.
pańam, padv. For some explanatory reason; from some cause.
papzi, pn. Something; someone; somebody.
pasfir, padv. Sometime.
pasfôm, padv. Somehow.
paśôh, padv. Somewhere; someplace.
pat, vi. To be flat or level.
pekanô, prop. (//not in-world//) The mysterious abode of the gods (“fuh”, singulative “foh”), wherein some claim the dead reside.
pêm, vi. To be thick.
per, prep. Occurring or existing at an earlier time than the occurrence or existence of the prepositional object; before.
perkît, padv. Whitherto (in terms of time); before what time.
perkîtêk, padv. Thitherto; before that time.
perkîtîk, padv. Hitherto; before this time.
pês, prep. Occurring or existing at a later time than the occurrence or existence of the prepositional object; after.
pêskît, padv. Whenceforth; after which time.
pêskîtêk, padv. Thenceforth; after that time.
pêskîtîk, padv. Henceforth; after this time.
pfâ, conj. For the purpose of; in order that; so that.
pfi-, va. Converts the verb into a noun referring to an agent of the verb, often lending the verb an implied habitual aspect.
pfîâkćâ, n. A hitter or striker.
pfićakaj, n. One who understands something; an understander.
pfićam, n. A thinker.
pfićantan, n. One who knows.
pfîćîn, n. Something actively elongating or protruding.
pfies, n. Something that radiates light; a light.
pfietfet, n. A successor.
pfietifrak, n. A piece broken off from something; a splinter, shard, or fragment.
pfietiśerep, n. One who carries something away.
pfietńe, n. One who chooses from among multiple options; a decider; a selector.
pfifarh, n. A player (of an often ritualized following of an abstract rule set which might or might not be self-modifying, and which requires input from a follower).
pfifjat, n. A creator //ex nihilo//.
pfifrak, n. Something broken.
pfigeh, n. Employee.
pfihajćûr, n. A person who journeys; wayfarer; traveller.
pfihaûn, n. Something chaotic or disordered; a mess.
pfihjeh, n. Something or someone set apart for religious purposes; something sacred or holy.
pfihrima, n. A youth; someone young.
pfiij, n. One who dreams; a dreamer (but only in the literal sense).
pfiirgeh, n. One who causes another to work for someone (or oneself); most frequently, an employer.

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