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pfûktût, n. A digger.
pfuńoh, n. A predecessor.
pfuńuhu, n. Something that washes; a washer.
pfûôfôt, n. A wearer.
pfûôk, n. An eater.
pfûpôptûg, n. A drummer.
pfupos, n. A ruler or governor.
pfuśorf, n. One who speaks; a speaker.
pfuśorof, n. A speaker of a particular language.
pfusuz, n. One who lives in a particular place; resident; dweller; denizen.
pfûtôktô, n. One who walks; a walker.
pfutuń, n. (//mathematics//) A finite set.
pfûûn, n. One who sleeps; a sleeper.
pfuurćot, n. A stamp or imprinter.
pfuurćuk, n. A player of a musical instrument.
pfuurhuš, n. Something that cools; a cooler.
pfuurtuń, n. A limit; bound; restriction.
pfuuut​, n. An isolated or alienated person; a loner or outcast.
pfûzjagûrh, n. A lazy person; a layabout.
pfuzjâtuš, n. A sea creature or dweller.
phâs, vi. To sit (in the sense of to be sitting).
phôk, vt. To vomit; to vomit out.
pif, n. Hair.
pjîn, n. A dense aggregation of entities that reduce entropy internally which are stationary, photosynthesize, and grow generally upwards; forest.
po, part. Precedes cardinal numbers to convert them into distributive numbers.
pôpt, n. A musical instrument intended to produce sound from the striking of a membrane; drum.
pôptûg, vt. To produce sound by rhythmically striking; to drum.
pos, vt. To rule over; govern.
preća, n. Back, in the anatomical sense.
psa, n. Ten.
psâ, vt. To forcibly eject from the mouth; to spit.
psaûp, n. Ten.
ptêr, n. Plant bark.
ptet, n. Internal structure, order, and form; roughly, morphology.
pton, vi. To stand (in the sense of to be standing).
pu, n. Nine.
pûm, part. Marks the beginning of a paraphrasal clause that follows it.
purum, n. Thunder.
puûp, n. Nine.
pzat, pn. A different person; another.
pzi, pn. The hypothetical-person personal pronoun, indicating a hypothetical entity; one; a thing or entity.
, prep. For the purpose of; used for.
śa, conj. Logically implies.
śag, vt. To mock, taunt, jeer at, gibe at.
saj, n. Eleven.
šaj, vt. To sing.
sajpôrkrim, vt. (//archaic//) To execute a command.
sajûp, n. Eleven.
šam, part. Follows the speaker and marks the beginning of a direct quote that follows it; who said; saying.
samper, n. A type of crested bird with silky plumage and red-tipped wings.

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