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bíten, v. live
bíti, n. life
bíwus, adj. alive, living
, n. cow
bollundus, n. acorn
bollus, n. acorn
bordoga, n. rauda b. raspberry, corna b. brambleberry
bordus, n. hedge, thicket
borrus, adj. heavy
bós, n. bull, cow
bowu, n. see
bummínta, n. future
bummis, adj. future
bummiten, v. come
bunten, v. go, leave
cacca, n. shit, faeces
caccalun, n. toilet, outhouse, latrine
caccaten, v. shit, defecate
caccuwormis, n. tapeworm
caidinai, adv. today
caila, n. total, sum; everything
cailiten, v. heal 
cailitor, n. healer, doctor, physician
cailitri, n. healer, doctor, physician (female)
cailumochus, adj. omnipotent, almighty
cailus, adj. whole; all
caima, n. household
caimi, n. core family, people living in the same household 
caimula, n. family member, relative, household member
caimulus, n. family member, relative, household member
caimuwoditi, n. economy, husbandry, housekeeping
caimuwoditor, n. housekeeper
caiwitar, adv. this year
calligráfi, n. calligraphy
camelus, n. camel
capra, n. goat, she-goat
caprus, n. he-goat, buck
car, prep. inside, in the middle of
cardis, adj. "pertaining to the heart", "heart-" in compounds
carru, n. order, arrangement, world
carus, n. hare
cásin, n. hard cheese
castáni, n. chestnut (fruit)
castánicun, n. chestnut tree
castánicus, adj. pertaining to chestnuts, chestnut (in compounds)
cér, n. heart
ceu, conj. ceu - ceu either...
cínu, n. shin, shin bone
cirrus, adj. quick, fast, swift
claumun, n. rumour

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