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cungineris, n. relative, clan member
cuni, n. bitch
cuntai, prep. along
cuprun, n. copper
cús, n. dog
cussus, adj. contemporary, simultaneous
custarnin, n. constellation
dacor, n. pearl
dacrun, n. tear
daica, n. sister-in-law (husband's brother's wife)
daichus, n. bread
daicimun, n. meaning
daiciten, v. mean, indicate
daicus, n. finger, toe
dailiten, v. share, divide
dailus, n. part
daiwuduffamun, n. blasphemy
daiwuduffaten, v. blaspheme
daiwuduffati, n. blasphemy
daiwuduffator, n. blasphemer
daiwus, n. god
darwun, n. tree
dauri, n. soul
daurus, n. ghost, spirit
decor, n. right thing, honourable thing, right action, honourable action
dédis, n. infant, baby
denor, n. palm (of the hand)
déten, v. put
dexus, adj. worthy
dexus2, adj. right (opposite to left)
dichten, v. show
dichten2, n. make
dichtun, n. thing
dinun, n. day
dírdailimun, n. sort, kind, type, categoy
dírdailiten, v. sort; separate, set apart; distinguish, differentiate; give special treatment, favour, discriminate
dírdailiti, n. sorting, separation; distinction, difference; special treatment, favorable treatment, privilege, discrimination
dís, adv. twice
diten, v. suck (mother's milk)
dolchunus, adj. obliged
dolchus, n. obligation, duty
dolun, n. valley
dónu, n. tax, tribute
dórun, n. gift, present
dorupix, n. woodpecker
dóten, v. give
dótor, v. giver, donor
, adj. two
duchten, n. lead, command (army, troops); campaign
duchter, n. daughter

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