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dúti, n. anger, agitation
dútus, n. agitated, angry
dúyus, adj. fuming, agitated, angry; smoking, steaming
ebor, n. ivory
eborinus, adj. made of ivory
edu, n. food, meal
edunca, n. snack, bite, light meal
edunu, n. see edu
edunun, v. eat
effuditen, v. exhume
effuman, v. dig out, excavate
effusten, v. untie
eftar, prep. after, behind
eftardaicus, n. dew claw
eftarganten, v. descend (from s.o.)
efterus, adj. next (in a line / sequence), following; (in cpds.) back
eftumus, adj. last (in a line / sequence), ultimate
egun, pron. I
elefas, n. elephant
endrus, adj. thick, fat
endruta, n. thickness, fatness
eniten, v. to begin, to start
eniti, n. start, beginning
ennun, v. to be
enunten, v. include; occupy; absorb, integrate
enuntus, adj. included; occupied; busy; absorbed, engrossed
epa, n. steed
epar, adv. back, backwards
eparbunten, v. to retreat, step back, go backwards
epus, n. horse
ér, n. ore; copper; bronze; brass
eror, n. blood
éruwormis, n. slowworm
es, prep. out (of)
esbunten, v. come out, go out (of), leave
escrimun, n. trial, arbitration
escrimunis, adj. pertaining to trial / arbitration, judicial
escriten, v. to filter, screen; judge
escritor, n. judge, arbiter
escritun, n. judgement
essiten, v. go out (of), leave
essiti, n. exit; way out, solution; outcome, result; denouement
estar, prep. outside of, without
estaridu, n. picnic
ewangelin, n. gospel
fa, conj. Particle introducing questions
fáchus, n. forearm, elbow; cubit
fáditen, v. to sweeten
fádus, adj. sweet
fafa, n. bean

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