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eparbunten, v. to retreat, step back, go backwards
epus, n. horse
ér, n. ore; copper; bronze; brass
eror, n. blood
éruwormis, n. slowworm
es, prep. out (of)
esbunten, v. come out, go out (of), leave
escrimun, n. trial, arbitration
escrimunis, adj. pertaining to trial / arbitration, judicial
escriten, v. to filter, screen; judge
escritor, n. judge, arbiter
escritun, n. judgement
esdóten, v. to hand over; betray
esdóti, n. handover, betrayal, treason
essiten, v. go out (of), leave
essiti, n. exit; way out, solution; outcome, result; denouement
estar, prep. outside of, without
estaridu, n. picnic
estic, conj. (enforcing particles in questions) "really? Is it true, that ...?"
etimologi, n. etymology
ewangelin, n. gospel
fa, conj. Particle introducing questions; whether
fáchus, n. forearm, elbow; cubit
fáditen, v. to sweeten
fádus, adj. sweet
fafa, n. bean
faffa, n. frog
faffuncun, n. tadpole
fágu, n. beech
faiditen, v. to persuade, convince
faidus, adj. faithful, religious, pious
failun, n. club (weapon)
faiman, v. to be afraid of
faimun, n. fear
faisten, v. to believe, trust
faisti, n. belief, faith, trust
faisus, adj. fearsome, scary
fáman, v. to appear (to), to seem
fánus, adj. shiny, bright
farcha, n. mountain range
farchus, n. mountain
farmun, n. pregnancy; fruit of womb, embry, foetus
farra, n. beard
farratus, adj. bearded
farratus2, n. bearded man
fastai, n. calendar
fáten, v. to say
fau, conj. ceu - ceu or (in questions)
fauchiten, v. to subdue
fauchuman, v. to bow, stoop, to bend (intr.)

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