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fauditen, v. to wake (tr.)
fausten, v. to note, pay attention, observe
febunun, v. to run away, flee
fécra, n. sister in law (husband's sister)
feda, n. Traditional Tautisca customs and law
fediscus, adj. according to the feda, compliant with the feda
fér, n. animal, beast
ferfus, n. beaver
férmun, n. burden
feror, n. sister
feror2, v. s.
feroris, v. happen(s), appear(s) (only 3.
feruntis, adj. pregnant
férus, n. animal, beast
, prep. by, with
fica, n. bee
fida, n. gap; difference, disparity; disagreement
fiffa, n. sister (familiar form), younger sister, sister-in-law
filosofi, n. philosophy
filosoficus, adj. philosophical, pertaining to philosophy
filosofis, adj. philosophical, pertaining to philosophers
filosofiscus, adj. philosophical (manner, method)
filosofus, n. philosopher
fisten, v. to split
fisti, n. split, splitting
fistun, n. fissure, cleft, crevice, crack
fíten, v. to hit, beat
fíti, n. blow, slap, punch
fítulun, n. axe
fléten, v. to howl, to blow (wind)
flóditen, v. to talk, to speak
flóma, n. flower
flómucullichti, n. anthology
flóten, v. to blossom, to flower
fodin, n. grave
foditen, v. to dig
fodus, n. pit, hole (in the ground)
fomman, v. to dig
fommun, n. ditch, trench
fópiten, v. to get s.o.
forchiten, v. to serve (s.o.)
forchten, v. to care for (s.o)
forchu, n. south
forga, n. harrow
forna, n. offspring, children
fornun, n. child; infant / baby
forten, v. to carry, to bear
forti, n. carrying, bearing; pregancy
fortor, n. bearer
forun, n. hallway

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