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horrus, n. enclosure, paddock; pen; garden
hortus, n. courtyard
hostis, n. guest
husten, v. to grab, grasp
hyaena, n. hyena
imperátor, n. emperor
isc, pron. he (3rd person pronoun)
it, conj. (indicates speech / quotation)
iten, v. Compound form of ainun "go"
lallaten, v. to talk; prattle, chatter, natter; waffle
lattuga, n. lettuce
lauderus, adj. free
laudés, n. people
lauman, v. to come unstuck, fall off; free (oneself), break free, be released
lauxuna, n. full moon
lawrúsca, n. wild vine
lecheten, v. to lie (on the ground etc.)
lechten, v. to pick (up), gather; read
lemman, v. to lie (down)
leós, n. lion
librus, n. book
lichten, v. to lick
liften, v. to leave
lipeten, v. to stay, remain
littera, n. letter
litterunca, n. letter (sign in a script)
lochiten, v. to lay, lay down
locus, n. lake
lorun, n. laurel
luceten, v. to shine
luchi, n. lie
luchicus, adj. false, deceptive
luchiten, v. to lie, tell a lie
luchten, v. to lie, tell a lie
ludda, n. wilderness, desert, wasteland
luddis, adj. wild, desert-, wasteland-
luddiscus, adj. wild, desert-like, deserted
lumbus, adj. weak, frail
lúten, v. to remove, free, release
lúten2, v. to wash
macca, n. kiss
maccaten, v. to kiss
maitaten, v. to change
maitati, n. change
mappa, n. girl
mappus, n. boy
mappuspix, n. girl-watcher
marcatun, n. market; market-place, market-hall
máter, n. mother
máteria, n. matter

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