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andolchunaten, v. oblige
angilus, n. angel
angus, adj. hurried, urgent
annotamun, n. confession
annotaten, v. acknowledge, admit, confess 
annotati, n. acknowledgement, admission
antar, prep. between, among
antarstichten, v. interfere, intervene
antauditen, v. meddle, interfere
anumus, n. breath
anunun, v. breathe
anusten, v. inhabit
ap, prep. from, off, since
apufibunun, v. run away, escape
apuforten, v. carry off, carry away
apunten, v. take away
apustichten, v. step out of the way, give in
apustichtor, n. pushover
ára, n. ash(es)
arfus, n. ram
armus, n. arm
arten , v. to plough
artrun, n. plough
ascríften, v. to ascribe, attribute
assulften, v. to get, obtain, receive
assulten, v. pull in, drag in, haul in
attu, conj. and, also
auc, adv. again
auchté, adv. usually, normally, habitually
auchtus , n. habit, custom, routine
auci, n. paternal grandmother
auciten, v. teach, train
aucunca, n. Female descendant of paternal grandfather
aucuncus, n. Male descendant of paternal grandfather
aucus, n. paternal grandfather
auftor, n. patrilinear great-grandfather
auftri, n. wife of auftor
axula, n. axle
baftisaten , v. baptize
baftisati, n. baptism
baitun, n. grain, corn, cereal (coll.); food
bauca, n. cow
belus, n. scorpion, venomous spider
bena , n. woman, wife
benatus, adj. married
benis, adj. female, women's
beniscus, adj. female, woman-like, feminine
bibli, n. bible
biblicus, adj. biblical
bibliscus, adj. biblical

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