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mátori, n. maternal relative (female)
mátoris, n. maternal relative (male)
mátruni, n. maternal grandmother
mátrus, n. maternal grandfather
medu, n. mead
meducornun, n. mead-horn, drinking horn
medun, n. honey; (in cpds, Wep.) mead
megulus, adj. big, great
més, n. moon, month
mésun, n. meat, flesh
mochten, v. can, to be able
mochus, adj. able; mighty, potent
molca, n. milk
molcinus, adj. milky, consisting of milk
molciscus, adj. milky, milk-like
moldus, adj. soft, tender
móli, n. trouble, difficulty, effort
móli2, adv. with trouble, hardly, barely
molten, v. to milk
molten2, v. to grind, to mill
monasterin, n. monastery
monimun, n. memorial, monument; jubilee, anniversary
moniten, v. to remind
moniti, n. reminder
mor, n. sea
morchi, n. shortness, brevity
morchus, adj. short, brief
morten, v. to die
morti, n. death
mortis, adj. mortal
mortus, adj. dead
móten, v. (trans.) to trouble, bother, (intr.) to struggle, bother oneself
mudrus, adj. wet, moist
muggi-, n. See entries with múgi-
múgilus, n. cheater, trickster
múgimun, n. trick, con
múgiten, v. to cheat, trick, deceive, con
múgiti, n. deception, cheating
múgitor, n. cheater, trickster, con man
múgrus, adj. cheating, deceiving; deceptive
munnemun, n. thought, idea; opinion, view
munneten, v. to think
munneti, n. thinking, thought (as process / ability / system)
munnis, adj. male
munniscus, adj. male, virile
munnus, n. man, husband
munten, v. to think of, remember
munti, n. thought, memory, mind
muxa, n. fly
naifunca, n. snowflake

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