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naifus, n. snow
nainus, pron. no, not any; (gram.) neuter, n-n ganti neutral gender; nainu ni not at all
nartus, adj. strong
nau, n. ship
nauca, n. boat
naudi, n. lack
, conj. not
nefor, n. cloud
nénun, v. to not be, to be not (negated forms of ennun)
nepadu, adv. never
nér, n. man
nerdus, n. nest
nés, interj. no
nessa, n. sky, heaven
neu, conj. neu___ neu ___ or (in negative statements); neither___, nor___,
newo, adv. again
newus, adj. new
ni, conj. not (unstressed form)
nibunten, v. to go down, descend
nículus, n. rabbit
nidéten, v. to determine, set, decide
niften, v. to snow
niplus, n. rain
níti, n. sunset, West, occident
níticus, adj. Western
nítiscus, adj. Western, occidental (manner)
noddus, adj. naked
nómun, n. name, noun
nómunamun, n. designation, term, title, rank
nómunaten, v. to name, designate, appoint
nómunati, n. naming, designation, appointment
nósterus, pron. our, ours
nóten, v. to know (object)
nu, conj. (Sentence-initial particle)
, adv. now
nuc, conj. but
nup, conj. and
nuppus, n. boy
ochi, n. narrowness
ochus, adj. narrow
ócutrus, n. hawk, falcon
of, prep. against
offloditen, v. to object
ofistaten, v. to confront, resist, withstand; hinder
olfucun, n. white (of egg)
olfus, n. white
onti, n. breathing
orman, v. to rise, set off
orrus, n. arse, ass, backside
orti, n. rise; sunrise, East

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