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orticus, adj. Eastern
ortiscus, adj. Eastern, oriental (style)
oruni, n. ash (tree)
orxus, n. bear
oscun, n. stone (of fruit)
ossula, n. blackbird
oxun, n. eye
óyun, n. egg
pádu, pron. when
pádu2, conj. when
paicrus, n. trout
paina, n. penalty, blood money
palma, n. palm (tree), date palm
palmis, adj. pertaining to the (date) palm
palmula, n. date (bot.)
par, prep. through, across
par-, prep. through; overly, too much; totally
paradísus, n. paradise
parborruwaten, v. to trouble, worry; occupy, keep busy
parcriten, v. to sift through; investigate
parcu, n. oak
pardailiten, v. to divide
pardóten, v. to hand down, pass on; forgive
pardóti, n. foregiveness, remission
parésuma, n. lent
parfáditen, v. to oversweeten
parfaidus, adj. ugly
parfarmun, n. translation (of a text)
parfilosofiscus, adj. over-theoretical, over-abstract, overcomplicated
parforten, v. to translate, transfer
parforti, n. transfer, translation (action)
parfrichten, v. to break, shatter (transitive)
parfuditen, v. to rebury
parfuman, v. to dig over, turn (soil)
parfusten, v. to tie (laces, knot)
pargunnoten, v. to recognise, recall
parhusten, v. to understand, comprehend
parmaitamun, n. gramm. inflexion (class), conjugation (class), declension
parmaitaten, v. to change, gramm. inflect, decline, conjugate
parmaitati, n. change, gramm. inflexion, conjugation, declination
parmulten, v. to grind up, pulverize
parporriaten, v. to test, tempt
parporriati, n. test, temptation
parrichten, v. to straighten out; finalize, finish, complete (work)
parrichtiten, v. to prepare, make ready, finish
parrichtus, adj. ready, finished
parsaliten, v. to oversalt
partichaten, n. to err, to sin
partichus, n. error, misstep; sin
páten, v. to herd, to protect

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