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depper - idpper, vD. speak, say
dəbbʷi, adj. sick, ill, diseased
ḍəbbʷuḷɔẓ, nf. spleen
dəmmoθ, nf. topsoil, soil
dib, nm. bear
dimmem, adj. mute, dumb
díwəs, nm. date syrup (date honey); molasses
dle - iḍḷǝ, vG. contain, have
dlo - iḍḷǝ, vG. draw water with a bucket
dmo - iḍmʷə, vG. resemble, be like, be similar to
dmom - iḍmʷəmʷ, vG. be silent, mute
ḍmʷəmʷ, adj. silent
dog, nm. fish
don, nm. discriminating person
donn - idunn, vG. judge, adjudicate
ḍɔḷ, nm. fog, mist
dɔ́rəx, nm. way, path, road, journey
dɔšš, nf. door
dulom, adv. long in the future, much later, eventually
dum, nm. blood
dune, nm. Sir, Mr, mister (polite form of address to a male)
dur, nf. time, period, era; generation; assembly
eaγ, nm. wood
ebbʷe - ibbʷe, vD. restore, revive
ebʷus, nm. wooden bowl; serving platter
eim, nm. the world, the universe; existence; life (the period during which someone is alive), lifetime
eimi, adj. lively
ekkel - ikkel, vD. take a bite out of, bite into
ekkem - ikkem, vD. demonstrate wisdom/intelligence
ekker - ikker, vD. hire; pay
el, nm. money
ellef - illef, vD. replace
ellel - illel, vD. praise, commend, give a good report of, say good things about
elles - illes, vDt. be sad
eloθ, nf. pistachio tree
em, conj. if, whether, should, in the event that
em A em B, conj. whether A or B; either A or B
emmer - immer, vD. ferment; agitate liquid
emmeγ - immeγ, vD. freeze (tr), congeal (tr)
emʷur, nm. male donkey
eṇṇeq - iṇṇeq, vD. strangle, suffocate
enob, nm. grape
epper - ipper, vD. explore, investigate
eppes - ippes, vD. tie on, fasten, connect
erreg - irreg, vD. kill, murder
errer - irrer, vD. spit on, spit at
es, nm. flame
es (2), part. of (particle used in genitive constructions without pronominal suffixes or pronouns)
ettel - ittel, vD. fire SO; eject SO (sports)
etter - itter, vD. empower

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