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ididoθ, nf. beloved, sweetheart; girlfriend
idθămo - iḍθămʷə, vGt. be similar to EO, be like EO
iḍθeppeq - iḍθăppeq, vDt. be with, be together
idθepper - idθăpper, vDt. speak with EO, talk
ier, nm. ancient city, ruins
ifsa, pn. she, her, herself (3sg fem pronoun)
ígɔl, nm. baby animal
igθălo - igθăḷə, vGt. masturbate
igθemmer - igθămmer, vDt. end, be finished, come to a close
im, nf. source; spring; fountain
imin, nm. right side
in, nm. eye
ira, nm. month
ireid, nm. jugular vein
irex, nm. hip
iro, nm. desert monitor lizard (Varanus griseus)
ištăwo - ištăbʷə, vGt. sacrifice self
išteppel - ištăppel, vDt. be upright
iθbol - iθăbʷɔl, vGt. go into labor
iθekkem - iθăkkem, vDt. feign wisdom, pretend to be wise/intelligent
iθekker - iθăkker, vDt. contract self out
iθemmeγ - iθămmeγ, vDt. freeze, become frozen; congeal, become congealed
iθeṇṇeq - iθăṇṇeq, vDt. strangle self, suffocate self; hang self
iθeppex - iθăppex, vDt. change into, turn into, become (adj or n)
iθerreg - iθărreg, vDt. kill self, commit suicide; kill EO
iθetter - iθătter, vDt. gather power for self, self-aggrandize; empower EO
iθettsex - iθăttsex, vDt. conceal self, hide self, obscure self
iθmom - iθămʷəmʷ, vGt. be ill, sick, unwell
iθsob - iθăẓəb, vGt. impute to self, pass self off as, present self as
iθšof - iθăšəf, vGt. gather (intr), assemble (intr), come together
iθzo - iθăẓə, vGt. be seen, visible; appear
iθθos - iθăṛəẓ, vGt. ask of EO, ask of self
kɛγ, nm. Summer
l-, ppf. PREP (to, toward, for, by, via, etc); base for possessive suffixes on alienably possessed nouns
la, pn. her, hers (3sg fem possessive pronoun/adjective); to her
lam, nm. bread
lam (2), pn. their, theirs (3pl fem possessive pronoun/adjective); to them
lbat, adv. next, later
lel, nm. night
lex(ăn), interj. (sg masc addressee) go!, hurry!, go away!, get out of here!, move!, shoo!, leave me alone!
lǝrex, prep. beside, next to, at the side of, alongside
lǝxă, pn. your, yours (2sg masc possessive pronoun/adjective); to you
lǝ́xăm, pn. your, yours (2pl masc possessive pronoun/adjective); to you
lǝxi, pn. your, yours (2sg fem possessive pronoun/adjective); to you
lǝ́xim, pn. your, yours (2pl fem possessive pronoun/adjective); to you
ḷəb, nm. heart, mind
lie, pn. my, mine (1sg possessive pronoun/adjective); to me
lien ~ liem, pn. our, ours (1pl possessive pronoun/adjective); to us
ḷmăḍ, prep. below, under; tomorrow
lo, pn. his (3sg masc possessive pronoun/adjective); to him

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