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Pogostick Man
I just like to write. I've had a setting in mind that has sort of existed for over a decade, with much revision along the way (and more to come, probably). I study linguistics and am a few credit-hours away from a degree.

Well, I'm an accountant, and consequently too boring to be of interest.
Benedictine Ovulation

Formerly entryist scum, now a collaborator.
C / 2π

I've never been able to focus on any particular field or career or subject of learning. Instead, I learn about and dabble in practically everything. I have better than average to way better than average laymen's knowledge on dozens and dozens of topics, and I'm an expert in none of them.
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Sleepless Scribe

Hi! I keep the gears turning. If the gears aren't turning, or they're turning but producing funny-smelling smoke, it's probably my fault.
Rizael al Coronate d'Avreston

I'm mostly a foreign language freak, but I also read a bit of literary fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction. I got into conlanging through foreign language, and I decided to integrate it into a story that I'm writing. I'm still in high school, so I don't exactly have an educational background to speak of.
I started working on my book in '98 and have been toying with it ever since. I'm now getting serious about writing it, so having a world is important.
I always suspected Chris Chibnall was a nerd and his presence in Forbidden Planet proves it 2 days ago
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Seven Fifty
Linguistics PhD student, amateur novelist and (increasingly occasional) conlanger. Creator of Viksen and Greater Atlian among other languages.
Spent most of the time of my life staring into the vast and the depth of  the horizon, by the brown sea and clear s… half a day ago
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The Trashman

Shota Catboys
The cat ears makes it refined

long-time conlanger, linguistics and politics major, general social science geek
I am Taraiph, but you can call me Tara, or the ultimate scumbag. I work on Sarikan most of the time, when I'm not playing games, that is. Most days you will find me on the freenode IRC server, frequenting ##cbb, ##conlang, and ##universesandbox, or you can catch me on twitch watching Archaellys or CobaltStreak. I can also be found on the reddit Conlang page and, once in a blue moon, on skype.

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