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happiness thread (2014-05-03 00:58:33) :
Possibly! But that said, the less this place resembles a cheap knock-off of somewhere else, the better...
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Bugs and missing features (2014-05-02 19:03:56) :
[quote Hallow XIII]the benefits of tagging lie in collecting posts where the word in question is not contained or encapsulated in a string that is not conducive to search, but that is relevant to the topic (example: posts on physics often do not contain the string "physics", and posts on e.g. Kalmyk are about mongolic languages even if they will tend to not include this word)[/quote]

This is a reasonable argument; however, if we are to have this, my strong suggestion is that we do not m...
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Bugs and missing features (2014-05-02 04:00:09) :
The other flaw in the scheme is that many people, such as me, will give less than one tenth of a shit about tagging things in their posts.

What is wrong with the existing search feature? Instead of """"going to hasthag #Uyghur"""" you can just search for that word and OH HEY, everything everybody's ever said about Uyghur is right there. Whether they thought to tag it or not.
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Bugs and missing features (2014-04-30 03:50:59) :
[quote Pthagnar]also useful for finding people who are having illicit love affairs[/quote]

Now if only A Certain Person would start posting here, that would be quite helpful!
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Request for ideas: redesigning forum posts (2014-04-28 19:42:52) :
Inoffensive, certainly. But even though that means 'not terrible', it also means "not especially interesting".

Some kind of theme might be nice, if you want to go that route. One that occurred to me just now was the elements; as you accrue more posts, you work your way up the periodic table. Or even just up the column groups - like if you start at hydrogen, then become an alkali metal, then an alkali earth metal, proceeding eventually through the pnictogens and chalcogens and halogens u...
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Oh my Dawkins (I'm Atheist, deal with it) (2014-04-28 08:17:10) :
[quote Rhetorica]Nah, it was elsewhere. The only #isharia ban I've had a hand in was MrSaturday.[/quote]


Hey, speaking of which, what's up with that? Saturday has been theoretically banned since like, 2007 or so, if most of that period unenforcedly. And yet there he remains, out on the sidelines, somewhere in the nebulous ætherspace of the interstices of the community, always ready to interject with his patented abusively dismissive tetrahydrocannabinol-driven sludge. I can ...
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Bugs and missing features (2014-04-26 04:50:10) : Talk about on-tap implementation!

Also: yay for no longer having to actually read threads I don't care about just to make the new posts announcement go away.
owned by Radius, last edited 2014-04-26 04:50:10.
Hey Kids I'm Still Alive (2014-04-25 05:27:33) :
We do miss you, dammit. Come back, come back! :-( Without your tales of debauchery and fractal broccoli and nude bicycling, we are bereft.
owned by Radius, last edited 2014-04-25 05:27:33.
Oh my Dawkins (I'm Atheist, deal with it) (2014-04-21 15:32:53) :
Best of all are the ones where the quote is attributed, within the caption, to someone famous who is neither the correct source nor the person pictured.
owned by Radius, last edited 2014-04-21 15:32:53.
Oh my Dawkins (I'm Atheist, deal with it) (2014-04-21 06:06:52) :
The misplaced comma should have clued me in. It really should. "I am enlightened by my own intelligence" is the complement of "because", so there cannot be a comma in between, any more than there can be a comma located where it is in this sentence: [i]"I have a, cat."[/i]
owned by Radius, last edited 2014-04-21 06:06:52.
Oh my Dawkins (I'm Atheist, deal with it) (2014-04-21 02:54:30) :
I am generally kindly disposed towards the late Mr. Sagan, but that quote is shit.

Why? Because the power of intelligence by itself to enlighten is relatively low; only a few things in the "enlightenment" category can be arrived at by sheer brunt cognitive effort. Rather, wisdom derives mainly from the combination of intelligent [i]observation[/i] with openness to receiving, evaluating, and incorporating the insights of others, whereas most people do not do as much observing and nowhere...
owned by Radius, last edited 2014-04-21 02:54:30.
Bugs and missing features (2014-04-21 02:04:24) :
On the fonts: YAY! I will test.

A minor feature that might be nice to have, suitable for your B-list of things to implement if they're easy enough and whenever you acquire a circular tooit:

On the forum overview page (?id=31), for each forum, an indicator of how long it has been since the latest post.

Why? Because the first-time visitor to any forum's biggest first question is always "is this place alive or dead?", and so I suggest making the answer as convenient for ...
owned by Radius, last edited 2014-04-21 02:04:55.
Maps (2014-04-21 00:20:33) :
a number of hundreds of miles north of the Shetland Islands, out in the North Atlantic somewhere.
owned by Radius, last edited 2014-04-21 00:20:33.
Advice sought (2014-04-19 16:22:32) :
Thank you! That is extremely helpful feedback of exactly the type I am looking for, and I really appreciate your taking the time to look through the grammar well enough to spot these things.

A few comments on some points:

1) The logic on splitting morphology from syntax is that the latter deals with all the grammatical machinery, while the former is meant to be something like a set of morphology tables gathered together in one place for easy reference so you don't have them spr...
owned by Radius, last edited 2014-04-19 16:22:32.
Sound Change Applier: Features and Planning (2014-04-19 15:26:42) :
I don't know, but ASCA is already taken by another SCA, though I forget whose it is and the first A stands for something else.
owned by Radius, last edited 2014-04-19 15:26:42.
Language Name Rebuses! [all solved] :
I've had these saved up for a year or two, since I participated in a similar game elsewhere. Time to dust them off and see if y'all can guess which language is named by each rebus! Some are probably stupid easy, but at least some others probably aren't.

It would be nice of you to hide your answers, so that others can read the thread without fearing they will be spoiled.


owned by Radius, last edited 2014-04-19 02:06:52.
Language Name Rebuses! [12/13 solved] (2014-04-19 02:06:25) :
BINGO. Thank you.
owned by Radius, last edited 2014-04-19 02:06:25.
Rhebus Volume 5: More EZ-mode (2014-04-19 01:41:20) :
[?]6. Porch w/ geese -> Portuguese[/?]
owned by Radius, last edited 2014-04-19 01:41:20.
Rhebus Volume 5: More EZ-mode (2014-04-19 01:36:17) :
[?]4. pissing -> Tok Pisin[/?]
owned by Radius, last edited 2014-04-19 01:36:17.
Language Rebusses Volume 4! (2014-04-18 19:00:06) :
[?]#2 is Cumbric ("come brick")[/?]
owned by Radius, last edited 2014-04-18 19:00:06.

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