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mil(a)-, n. Path.
mińa, cv. Against.
mińa+bo, vp. To place up against.
mińa+kana, vp. To refuse to speak, to hold off something trying to enter.
mińa+kuja, vp. To resist.
mińa+mi, vp. To rest up against.
mińa+né, vp. To move and collide and keep going.
mińa+nosi, vp. To fight against someone.
mińa+póde, vp. To keep someone/something against someone/something (figurative and literal).
mińa+si, vp. To oppose, to defy.
mińa+time, vp. To open against pressure.
minne, v. To be fresh.
mint(a)-, n. Brick.
mintala, v. To be brick.
mir(e)-, n. Harvest.
mire, cv. Opposite to.
mire+mi, vp. To stay opposite to.
mire+póde, vp. To keep opposite to.
miśa, v. To push.
misa, v. To covet.
misalet(i)-, n. Greed.
misk(i)-, n. Larva.
misr(e)-, n. Fence.
missu, v. To snow.
mita, v. To be dense, thick (in quality).
mitt(a)-, n. Right, privilege.
miw(e)-, n. Smoke.
, v. To want.
mo, v. To drink.
moca, v. To grab (static).
mod(e)-, n. Seed.
mog(a)-, n. Lot.
moga, adv. In turn.
moha, v. To change, to modify.
moki, v. To plant plants.
mól(a)-, n. Love.
moll(e)-, n. Range.
mona, v. To decide.
moo, cv. So, as in manner.
mor(a)-, n. Shell.
morala, v. To be shell.
mośa, v. To be hard.
most(a)-, n. Oak.
mośu, v. To be few.
motre, v. To be creative.
mou, cv. In.
mou+póde, vp. To keep stored in something.
mousa, v. To lack.
møca, v. To complain.
møk(i)-, n. Age.
møle, v. To play.
mønte, v. To be dim.
møsa, v. To pray.
mu, subverb To tend to. /mu/. Imperfective. Is compounded with a preceding verb stem that indicates what tends to be..
mud(a)-, n. Baby.
muda+póde, vp. To babysit.
mues(e)-, n. Statement, wording.
muete, v. To descend from.
muhka, v. To make war.
muka, cv. Towards two.
muki, v. To attack, to assault, to assail.
muli, v. To sell.
mune, cv. (To the) front.
mune+mi, vp. To stay at the front of a group.
mupa, cv. Past, beyond.
mupa+né, vp. To escape.
mura, v. To be wide-shaped.
muraśog(e)-, n. Wide object.
mutr(a)-, n. Facial hair, beard.
muu, v. To learn.
muu+jé, vp. To make learn.
muu+nu, vp. To teach.
my, v. To look.
myć(e)-, n. Dream.
mye, v. To be something something is during.
myk(a)-, n. Possession.
myl(a)-, n. Wine.
mylala, v. To be wine.
mypa, v. To suggest.
myr(a)-, n. Clay.
myrala, v. To be clay-ey.
myt(a)-, n. Wax.
myta, v. To be wet.
mytala, v. To be waxy.
mytt(e)-, n. Shield.
ńa, v. To be something something is not tied to the time of.
, sv. Opposite.
naaka, v. To clear.
nab(e)-, n. Day (as in full day-night cycle).
nace, cv. Into two.
nace+cemi, vp. To divide into two (transitive).
nace+ćona, vp. To break in two.
nace+ja, vp. To split (transitive).
nace+maĺa, vp. To cut into two.
nace+si, vp. To split (intransitive).
naći, v. To outlaw.
naćiget(e)-, n. Outlaw (person).
nag(i)-, n. Country, province, land.
nah(a)-, n. Human.
ńal(a)-, n. Sleigh.

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