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This is the official inauguration of my blog, which I intend to use as a commonplace book of sorts: all my little thoughts about conlanging, conworlding and by association various sciences as well as RPG design will be put here.

Things that become big enough will be specially dealt with in forum threads, and eventually receive a place in my Universe. That is, once I have one. I'm already stuck trying to figure out what to call it! But, well, that's what this is for, innit?

Comments are welcome, especially critical ones. "u suck" is a valid comment but I reserve my right to ban people from commenting who do not make up for their rudeness with anything else.

Next up: idk whatever I might think of
Hallow XIII 3 years ago

1. Dictionary categories are now called tags. This should prevent them from being confused with lexical categories, particularly since it's advisable to create a tag for each category.

2. A number of dictionary features were cluttering up the mode bar. Dictionaries are, by far, the most complex and featureful things currently on the site. Several features have been moved into a special "tools" page, which has been augmented additionally with quick access to the importer and flash cards. (Also the hidden "printable" mode is included.)

3. Emoticons! go check 'em out! Also remember to set your colour of preference!

4. Pronunciation field. I've had 3 or 4 requests for this. While I wanted to wait for the SCA to be implemented before adding it (since, in theory, the pronunciation for most words would be regularly derivable from the headword form), there's no reason you should have to wait if you already have them written down.
News 3 years ago
Hi folks! Sorry we were offline for the last day or so; there was a security concern with our hosting arrangements that required some unscheduled maintenance to resolve. But all is better now, and things should be (and stay) nice and cosy.

I'll be adding more convenient data backup and download features soon to cushion things in the event of any future server issues.
News 3 years ago
The site has always had three ways of accessing pages: /?title, /?id=id, and /?page=title. The id addressing mode isn't very friendly, and the title addressing modes are unreliable—the page with the lowest ID number gets linked, so a title link can really only be used once.

But no longer! We now have hierarchical addresses, where you use slashes to separate multiple page names! So now you can be sure that you always link to the right thing. The first segment of the path is always resolved the old way, but after that it looks for child pages, so you can reference dictionary entries etc. readily and unambiguously.

Also: the question mark can now be left out! So you can link to directly, using the syntax [/users/testament|].
News 3 years ago
The following is the grammar section of the earliest version of the Drydic Language, my first conlang which wasn't basically an English relex. Instead, it's a Latin relex trying to pretend it isn't! (…)
Nessari read more (4826 bytes) · 3 years ago
This is some information for the sake of outsiders, albeit in Proto-Søkkli, about Proto-Søkkli-speaking society:

Sokkla søkkli réśide.
sɔkːlSokli_people.NOM-aNOM.SG sœkːlProto-Søkkli.ACC-iACC.SG respeak-ɕiACC.3SG.A-ðɛNOM.3SG.A
The Sokli people speak Proto-Søkkli. (…)
Travis B. read more (3726 bytes) · 3 years ago
An essay written by Meihou Ianoutsé, one of the brightest lights of Anaşali literature, detailing her feelings and thoughts about the capture and subsequent treatment of Teršelai, a Ker Salanjan city-state.
*Now playing on Rockway! New home of Şerau Teršelainja here.
Nessari 3 years ago

the Land of Rage


If there can be no Christrage...

"For all that have fallen, a memory. For all that will come, a dream. For all that are, a haven. Always and forever, will be Christrage."
Nessari read more (2533 bytes) · 3 years ago
The Public Universes page is now up! While Atlas has always been designed with support for shared universes in mind (i.e. a group of users collaborating on one project), there is now a public index of both these projects and a new type of project, the open universe. In an open universe, you can create chapters and languages, but no one else can edit or add to them. This is ideal if you have a conlang or auxlang that doesn't require a whole universe portfolio of its own.

The Public Universes page is freely editable by logged in users, so feel free to add your own shared universes to the list. If you would like to create a new open universe, contact an administrator (i.e., me.)
News 3 years ago
The only non-usual grapheme usages are h [ħ] and c [ts] (which of course is common, but also competing). (…)
Nessari read more (3569 bytes) · 3 years ago
Neštari Antyelyen - Her trajectory in life was marked out relatively early for a daughter of a landed houselord. Furious that her parents were forcing her into a marriage with a man she utterly loathed, through a good friend she hired twin Norse brothers to stage her kidnapping just as she was being trundled off to the estate of the parents of her would-be husband. Also kidnapped was the entirety of her dowry. Arriving safe in Christrage, she took that dowry and turned a large but run-down mansion near the dockyards into a clean and well-run brothel. Since she treated her girls and guys well, kept the premises clean and unquestionably safe, the streetwalkers of Christrage flocked to her, both allowing and forcing her to expand. Within five years, hers was the largest brothel in the city. She then married one of the city's richest men, who unfortunately (for him) died just two years later, leaving all his holdings to Neštari. With it she made one of the most powerful companies/syndicates in Christrage, one that strings around, through, and into the very fabric of the city. It is said she's eyeing the Mayor Admiral's seat (the highest and most powerful political position in the whole city).
Nessari 3 years ago
The Messages system was originally designed just for internal site notifications, but now you can use it to harass other users of the site! Just look for the send message link on any user page, or the message link under any post, and spam away. (Note: please do not actually spam, or you will be excommunicated.)
News read more (5 comments) · 4 years ago
This is an example of a universe news article. You can use an external RSS feed instead if you wish, but internal news articles can be edited by other project members and commented on by Atlas users. Click the read more link at the bottom of this post to see some examples of comments, or click on this link:  (…)
Testiverse read more (5 comments, 90 bytes) · 4 years ago
Here's another feature no one knew they needed—every universe can now customize the top banner on the page. This example universe shows what the effect looks like. Go ahead and get decorative!
News 4 years ago
Although they're still a bit rough around the edges, languages, language families, and recursive wiki pages are now live. This means you can add attachments to any article in your universe's documentation and that dictionaries and languages can now be organized in a more structured manner. Existing content will be converted over after a bit more polish and testing.
News 4 years ago
Today we bring you (a) universe groups—the ability to let more people work with you on a universe—and (b) universe attachments—preferably images, you can now upload up to 50 files per universe. Recursive wiki articles are currently being tested and can be expected soon, with more room for more attachments.
News 4 years ago
A verb. (…)
Nessari read more (3708 bytes) · 4 years ago
The user profiles have been massively overhauled into a content-centric format. Now you can quickly see what everyone's been up to!

Future changes may include a public message wall, private messaging, and a contributions list, showing whenever a document is modified.
News 4 years ago
From now on, when creating a dictionary you'll have to set up its list of parts of speech. To do this, simply go to the edit page (under the dictionary title at the top) and click "Save". If you want to change the supported parts, simply modify the list. The names on the right will be abbreviated to the values on the left, and they will appear in the language dropdown as ordered. This update extends to the Dictionary Importer, which has also been updated to fix name collision issues between dictionaries.
News 4 years ago
See, it has a title and everything!
Šaol read more (2 comments) · 4 years ago
It's not done, it's not pretty, but it's slightly better (in most ways) than just using MediaWiki: it's Atlas Universes! Stay tuned for actual usable features, coming soon.
News 4 years ago
Our forums, Academia, have been developing well. Come check them out!
News 4 years ago
Note: I found my oooooold Kanaši names document, and have worked most of the info in this post into it here. Not everything's there, but it's not all applicable to that specific subject so some stuff was cut. It's still canon, I'm just trying to keep the off-topic rambling in my documents down to a dull roar.

I feel like showing a half-written note of an idea. Not entirely sure why, something to do with my thought processes. Here goes nothing... (…)
Nessari read more (2129 bytes) · 4 years ago
Yaaay I figured out a basic image manipulation action! *is happy*
Nessari 4 years ago
I was not expecting this. Or the entry existing on creation, not waiting for any content to be added. Newness!

Nessari read more (2 comments) · 4 years ago
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