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I started working on my book in '98 and have been toying with it ever since. I'm now getting serious about writing it, so having a world is important.
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Seven Fifty
Linguistics PhD student, amateur novelist and (increasingly occasional) conlanger. Creator of Viksen and Greater Atlian among other languages.
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The Trashman

Shota Catboys
The cat ears makes it refined

long-time conlanger, linguistics and politics major, general social science geek
I am Taraiph, but you can call me Tara, or the ultimate scumbag. I work on Sarikan most of the time, when I'm not playing games, that is. Most days you will find me on the freenode IRC server, frequenting ##cbb, ##conlang, and ##universesandbox, or you can catch me on twitch watching Archaellys or CobaltStreak. I can also be found on the reddit Conlang page and, once in a blue moon, on skype.
I am a crazy autistic brony that sucks at communication, but at least I am good with logic, systems, and design.
I'm more into conlanging than conworlding, because of fantasy books and the ZBB.
Just making something to keep track of a thing I've been working on intermittently for the past eight years.
Learner of Stuff

I define myself as a misidentitarian. it means someone who thinks that identity is kinda silly and who has a distinct distaste for the concept of identity and self-identification.
Travis B.
I got interested in conlanging a while back, for reasons that are beyond me, and since have done it on a very on-and-off basis. Most of my personal interest, though, has otherwise been in computer programming, as has been a good amount of my reading.
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fair maiden

ὑμῖν οὖν ἐπιτέλλω / αἰὲν ἀριστεύειν καὶ ὑπείροχον ἔμμεναι ἄλλων
Sé ðe Byrnende Biorgas Séceð

Ultimate Ridley
"What got you interested in world design?"
My big pet project, which I've been working on for upwards of eight years now. In the latter half of those eight years, designing Rahturi became a distinct priority (before then, it was just a "different world" with premodern technology and such).

"What kind of books do you read?"
I don't really read books. I watch movies and TV, and play video games. Most of the books I do read (which aren't very many) are educational.

"What did you study in school?"
I'm studying game development. Recently though I've been thinking it over, as I'm not a fan of the heavy business aspects of the video game industry, and I don't think I'd mentally survive in that world. So I'm probably going to go for linguistics instead because language has always been easy for me; I might also go for a history major.

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