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I've been conworlding since my early teens and (except for one attempt some ten years ago) only recently became seriously interested in conlanging. I have an M.A. in Slavic Philology with a focus on language contact and language mixing, and have fun implementing some of those theories in my conlangs.
I just like to read I guess, and write occasionally so world design just came naturally.
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In the process of writing peryllilyiad or peryll-speak in English (still working on the name aha). I originally became interested in conlanging halfway through primary school when i wanted to write a language in which i can secretly speak in with my friends and i guess the interest has stuck with me. Hoping to study linguistics in later compulsory education and university.
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la capitan

Chronicler of the Myriad

I make the worlds and write the things.
Matrix's Sockpuppet
Witch Queen of New York

Software engineer / Computational Linguist; BA, MA Linguistics; BS Physics

Check out my Toolbox Sound-Change Applier project, or download the latest stable Release
I have been doing world design since the early 2000s.
I like reading books that are a cross between realistic fiction and fantasy.  I'm not sure how to describe it fully, but if you read the book The Onion Girl, that pretty much sums up the genre I am into.
I have a BA in Linguistics.  I love making conlangs, and have 5 so far(3 in the same family), one of which I speak fairly well. Unfortunately, no one else speaks it.
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The sky is so beautiful

Oh, I'm a sham!
ኦለ ሄኢኪለ

Neon Fox
Verborum qaghatun

Linguistics major at the University of Chicago, been involved with conlanging and conworlding since I was very young.
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I'm my own geek and nerd, with a passion for history. Conworldry for me combines that passion, my geological knowledge (descendant of my still-exant childhood interest in dinosaurs), and the fascination with creating and tweaking words, phrases, and whole grammars that is conlanging.
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