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Neurerge and its sisters1 are languages created using an entirely generative approach—that is to say, I wrote some words on a piece of paper and then decided things about their phonology and diachronics later.

Here are the original four lines I wrote:
Neurerge ga eyen an aerg haie mór.
C'haie iweye når ahunne c' puied.
Taueua s'tumhiene an agunne mec' få.
Suomi 'o c' cú fierwe umtiena cú hubeie.

Here are the corresponding four lines of the sister language I wrote later:
Neurårge ya eyena aårge hau mhore.
Tihaie yiye nåra ahónne wå fui.
Þaweuen c'þomyéa agónne mhiti fis.
No Soomie tawå s'u fårwe omtéren s'u hubeu.

I later posted these on the speak-in-your-conlang thread here. The translations I associated with them may or may not remain as such. I also posted two other sentences which I feel more comfortably about—and these included phonemic (if not phonetic) realization, which I am mostly comfortable with (except the palatal-type sounds, although frankly I'll probably keep them as such and invent complex allophonic rules.) Here they are:
Puyennågar an aieeuten, jåm!
[pujnʰˈɜɡrˠan æːˈoʊ̯tn̥ jɜm]
A slanderous accusation, sir!

Suan ét chú auwaian måhec'. Suan ét ajebe.
[sfan ˈet͡ɕuː awːˈaːm ˈmɜhɵɕ sfan eːt aˈd͡ʒebɵ]
Or just write a story. Or a history.

I also wrote down on paper three lines of text which correspond metrically to three lines of "Cinema Show" (beginning with "Once a man..."). Here they are:
sån an aiewe nå kúrre 'to
sån an abár nå sut' eueto
ko poe tar tåkúr sut' ar

Not that here, every vowel is pronounced. Likely this is more poetic language.

I have drawn some conclusions from these already, but I will post them later. For now I simply need a space to put all this together.

1. Most of these are named after genera in Salamandridae: Neurerge < Neurergus, Mólge < Molgina, Tårch < Taricha, Kølljell/Gensjell < Koalliella genzeli, Mercjell < Mertensiella