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Banknote Design 1.0 – Design, Aesthetics, and Choices
by bloodbath

As you develop a conworld or concountry, a natural progression might be to design your own money. Banknote design, though, can look daunting at first, with a lot of interlocking parts. In the first of this series, I'll go over some of the steps in banknote design, including things to consider as you're preparing to make it rain (in whatever currency units you use).

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Did you know?

  • The term "Samoyed" was originally a Russian word, a corrupted form of the ethnonym Saamod. Samoyed in Russian literally means "Self-Eating" and thus the term came to be considered pejorative, although this is not the original meaning, being a false etymology.
  • Underneath your clothing, you are naked right now.
  • Although Shapshiruckish defines ten unique numerals, larger numbers must be assembled through extensive repetition.
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Site maintenance information, news, and updates
Happy new year, and happy 10th Birthday to Annie. I'm getting old. But the site's still up, and people continue to add things, so:

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I've stripped out the defunct support for displaying Twitter profiles in user pages and possibly-defunct Gravatar support, meaning the Users-browsing experience should be a lot more pleasant, and in general Annie shouldn't have any more broken user profile pictures anywhere. Of course, the unread post count for the forum is still a shocking example of unscalable code that badly needs fixing.
News a year ago
Annie is six years old now! This is classically the age at which parents of children divorce, so if we survive 2020, we should be fine. In the meantime, I would like to remind everyone that the Site History page is a great way to take a look at what people have been up to. Especially the ones who don't post on the forums (come post on the forums! We're lonely).
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