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Tahano Hikamu
by Jipí

Tahano Hikamu, literally the 'round script', is the script with which the Ayeri language is habitually written. Several stylistic variants have developed, sometimes drastically changing the overall appearance of the script. Tahano Hikamu works in a way similar to scripts found in India and elsewhere in Southern and Southeastern Asia – it is a syllabic alphabet, or abugida. This means that consonants serve as bases or matrices for the vowels, which in turn are written as diacritics. Writing out vowels is obligatory here, except for the vowel /a/, which isn't usually written if it's not a syllable onset, as it is the otherwise inherent vowel. The script is commonly written in horizontal lines from left to right, top to bottom, like the Latin alphabet. Its specialty is the fact that diacritics can appear above, below and even in front of consonant characters depending on whether other diacritics are already present in the respective positions. Depending on the position of the diacritic, its shape may significantly differ.

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  • In Starway, humans' interstellar habitations are notorious for being very cramped and noisy. So much so that most other species may develop a psychosis from staying just a week aboard.
  • The square root of rope is string.
  • Sherese (native syerès), a regional subdialect of the Hellesan dialect of Gabalea, has a phonemic /ɱ/ for ‹v›, actually.
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