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Modern Greek
by Twabs

In 514 BC, Harmodius and Aristogeiton, commonlie called the "Turannicides", attempted to assassinate the turants Hippias and Hipparchus. Theȝ succeeded on both counts. Immediatelie the Alcmaeonidae took advantage of this opportunitie to take back control of Athans. Theȝ exiled the remaining Pisistratids (Pisistratus son of Hippias in fact joined Xerxes and guided him through his later conquest of Greece.) Unrelatedlie, in 507 the citie of Plataea allied itself with Theibes to form the basis of what would later be called the Boeotian League, which was later strengthened bie the addition of Theispis as a defensive measure against a Thettalian invasion. When the Persians invaded in 480, theȝ were met at Thermopulae with a contingent of Boeotian and Peloponnesian troops, who, while not victorious, were able to hold off the main flank of the Persian armie for long enough for the Corneia to end and the main bodie of the Spartan armie to set out in assistance. Soon afterwards the Allied navie, led bie the Athanians, met and destroȝed or routed a large portion of the Persian fleet at the Battle of Chalcis. Following this decisive victorie the Persian armie was met and defeated bie a combined Boeotian and Spartan force at the Battle of Chaeronea. The following period marked Thebes as the center of Greek literature, philosophie, and the arts. Following the conquest of Greece bie Alexander the Great, its dialect (Boeotian) became the basis for Koenâ Greek, which would later evolve into what we know todaȝ as Modern Greek.

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Since nothing has happened on the news blog for months, I decided to go and add a feature nobody at all asked for: metaverses. Well, it was motivated by personal need, but.

Anyway, the gist of the whole thing is that metaverses are universes whose constituent entities are universes. You can add universes to a metaverse page and it will display all their child pages as if they were one universe. The most immediate, if rare, use case is when two or more people decide to join their conworlds, but since this is a general excuse to have more universes I'm sure people will find reasons to use them.  (…)
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