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Welcome to the demonstration universe! At the right, you can see an example of a universe logo image. At the top, you can see how Anthologica lets you customize the site's banner for your universe.

Below are the different chapters within the example universe:

The first block contains general chapters—these only have documents in them, and are ideal for discussing the details of your world and its cultures.
The second block contains languages and language families—these are organized hierarchically, and can both contain documents and dictionaries.
The third block (not yet done) contains specialized lists—calendars, biographies, and chronologies.

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Test Chapter This is the chapter synopsis. It only appears on this page.

Test Language Family This is the test family's synopsis. It only appears on this page.

The Test Chronicle

This is an example of a universe news article. You can use an external RSS feed instead if you wish, but internal news articles can be edited by other project members and commented on by Atlas users. Click the read more link at the bottom of this post to see some examples of comments, or click on this link:  (…)
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