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Add a comment here (or click the "comment" link on this post) to create a new trivia factoid. Submissions should be brief, relate to your conworld or conlang, and provide at least one link back to source material (preferably, but not necessarily, hosted here on Anthologica.) The best facts for trivia are those that are either amusing, unusual, or might entice other authors interested in the same thing to read the link material and become inspired. Look to Wikipedia's "Did you know?" section for further inspirations on style and substance.
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2 years ago
Out of the eighteen regions of Telèmor, one (Abervon) does not have a regional-level income tax.
4 months ago
The Straits of Sidre are the sea passages that connect the Megadelanean Sea with the Coral Sea and the Southern Seas, in the world of Taura.
a year ago
Sateu, the protohistorical language predecessor of Peran (Hellesan's mother tongue), was written with an alphasyllabary of at least 72 glyphs that centuries later fully evolved into an alphabet.
5 months ago
The northern secessionist city of Daraken-Suomani was saved from being conquered when a swamp emanating flammable gases was set alight by incendiary bombing.
4 months ago
Hellesan Amansard is an alphabet of twenty four letters, the native variant of the Sardanyese alphabet for the Hellesan language. This alphabet was an adaptation of Archaic Amansard, the alphabet used by Ancient and Middle Peran, and in its turn it's derived from the alphasyllabaries known as Sateu 2 and Sateu 1 used by the Satic tongues.
2 months ago
Of all the planets in the Armaŀleghelim, only Nangars and Nembre were unknown to the ancient peoples.
2 months ago
According to arcane knowledge, when Ermès created the Cosmos, it built a few portals to connect the different parallel realities that compose it, but once the heavens were created, these portals were shut or, according to some sources, destroyed.

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