The Third Continent
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Salenzis is a strange land full of pale-skinned people who wouldn't have the civilization they have today if not for a certain select tectonic reorganization initiated by a dragon made of rocks. It is the smallest of the three (or four) human continents.
  • Gallar
    Ridethrough Country
  • Igion
    The Heart of Salenzis
  • Religions of Salenzis
    Of Gods and People
  • Salenzian Reckoning
    Ridiculous Calendrical Bullshit
  • Southern Salenzis
    Of Gods Lost and Found in the Wake of an Empire - A Lecture on the Complete History of Salenzis by Professor Alexonthru da Lupuwlenis, University of Fluwlidiwli
  • Ticondera
    The Dead Kingdom
  • Zarcos
    Steampunk Industrialist Imperialism vs Nationalist Environmentalist Tradition