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Word of the Day: dàng
adj. another, other, different.
-∅, pp. absolutive.
-a, pp. ergative.
-a (2), pp. instrumental.
-a (3), a. future.
-ba/-p, a. habitual.
-bi, a. dubitative (indicating ignorance, doubt, or speculation as to the truth).
-ce/-ts, a. continuative.
-de, d. distal demonstrative (can be used by itself or qualifying another word).
-di, d. proximal demonstrative (can be used by itself or qualifying another word).
-ga/-k, a. past.
-ha/-s, a. progressive.
-ho, a. multiplicative number, forming an adverb with what it follows.
-i/-y, a. plural verb (except 2>3, 3>3', 3'>3, or 1pi intransitive).
-k(e), a. infinitive.
-k(i), pp. genitive.
-ka, pp. comitative.
-ka (2), a. exclusive verb.
-ke, a. deductive (indicating minimal degree of commitment to the truth, indicating deduction, speculation, or inference).
-ku, a. inchoative.
-la, a. yes/no interrogative.
-le, pp. comparative.
-le (2), a. substance interrogative.
-li, a. purposive nominalization.
-lo, a. cotemporal.
-m(i), a. plural verb (3>3' or 3'>3, or 3 intransitive).
-ma, a. hortative.
-mà, a. feminine suffix.
-mu, a. reportative (indicating reported speech).
-n(a), pp. locative.
-n(a) (2), a. 1sA (except 2pP) and 1peA.
-n(e), a. plural pronoun.
-na, a. implicational.
-ne, a. 1sA/2pP and 1piA.
-ng(a), a. 1sA/3P and 1sP.
-ni, pp. ablative.
-ni (2), a. plural verb (2pA/1sP, 2>3, or 2 intransitive).
-no, a. resultative.
-nyi, a. exclamative.
-nyi (2), a. adverbial.
-pa, a. affirmative (from direct observation or perception).
-r(o), a. cessative.
-re, a. manifold.
-sa, a. conditional.
-seng, a. purposive.
-si, a. mirative (indicating new information).
-sra, a. temporal nominalization.
-su, a. reciprocal.
-su (2), a. agent nominalization.
-t(a), pp. dative/allative.
-t(a) (2), a. object, locative, instrumental nominalization.

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