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Humans are generally very attentive to their children and cherish them. This is mostly to the fact that there are two high barriers in having a children in human society (except in the wilderness). The first barrier is the years long waiting list for the use of a gestational facility. The second barrier is the human's position in the waiting list which is determined by a profiling done by the Central Authority. Those who are less fit will be placed lower in the list. Due to all these micromanagement by CA, humanity managed to achieve 0 population growth for ceveral centuries.

This system means that a human will rarely have a sibling (if any) around their age. It's not uncommon for a human to have a sibling as young as 20 years bellow their age.

A human child, before maturity is the legal responsibility of just one other human, their main parent. This doesn't bar the other parent from rearing them, but it does mean that they has no legal responsibility to the child. Even in human society, bad things can still happen. A child's parent can die or in rare case, prove themselves to be unfit as a parent. In that case, the children is assigned to those who are willing to take care of them. Only in really exceptional circumstance that CA have to raise a human child by themselves.

Unlike many other species, humans are quite emotionally attached to their parents well past adulthood. This is true whether the human is a burger living in the city or a barbar in the wilderness. However, some citizens may take this one step further. While the savages still obeserve incest taboo, most the humans in the cities don't. People who aren't used to be near human might see the closeness between human and their family member to be rather creepy.


The human lingua franca is known as a Central Speech, a tonal language written with logogram. It still puzzles many other species that a civilization as advanced as humans' don't use phonemic writing system like the rest of the galaxy.


Without the need to work. The bulk of humans'free time is dedicated to creative endeavour. In fact, art is the largest commodity traded amongst human. Humans technology lowers the technical-tallent barrier to make a work of art. Even a single human can churn a feature length movie by themself in a span of just a week or so.