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Word of the Day: saptam
adj. seven
To begin with, this dictionary will just be a domp for words. Once I have enough, I'll split off the major parts of speech, and this will get whatever's left.

actú, adj. eight
alias, pron. another
cantum, adj. hundred
chapa, prep. from; away from
cis, pron. this
cuatur, adj. four
cuis, pron. who?
hacú, pron. I
hius, pron. which
hniuan, adj. nine
is, pron. he
, pron. you
nuctas, n. night
pincua, adj. five
puts, n. foot
sa, pron. himself
sachual, n. sun
saptam, adj. seven
sims, adj. one
su, dem. that
suics, adj. six
ticant, adj. ten
triias, adj. three
, pron. thou
túh, adj. two
uai, pron. we
uicuas, n. word
vrachtas, n. root

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