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The lingua franca of southern Salenzis. It is primarily natively spoken in Ticondera, Igion, Alnurka, and Zarcos. Outside of those, it primarily enjoys native status in cities, except Propha, in which Salenzian is not a native language.

Salenzian is descended from (wait for it) Old Salenzian. Old Salenzian and its antecedents were once just the language of Ticondera. However, in the Prophan Empire, Ticondera became the favoured province. The Prophans were very elitist about their language, finding it superior to all others. This was to the point where they did not want foreigners, even those they had conquered, speaking it. However, they did see the advantage of linguistic unity in the provinces, so they chose the language of their favoured province to force everyone else to speak. As such, all other Southern Salenzic languages eventually went extinct, to be replaced by various languages descended from Old Salenzian, including the Salenzian of 3:776.

In comparison to the real world, Old Salenzian is pretty much Latin with Semitic loans for agricultural and astrological things. This makes Salenzian a weird romance language.