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The following dictionary entries are tagged conjunction:

(2), conj. exclusive or.
ćie (3), conj. in order to, so that (purpose).
duo, conj. wherever.
dzè, conj. when.
dźè (2), conj. when.
dzia, conj. resulting in.
, conj. because.
ju, conj. in spite of.
, conj. unless.
ku (2), conj. as far as, as close as.
, conj. in contrast to.
li, conj. where.
lia (3), conj. after.
mia (3), conj. but.
mya, conj. while, during.
ńa, conj. whenever.
ńê, conj. and.
nuo, conj. as if.
pa, conj. as, like.
po, conj. such that, so that (enabled).
ra, conj. as.
sa (2), conj. before.
śia (2), conj. instead of.
, conj. until.
śy, conj. if, as long as.
, conj. except that.
tua, conj. as soon as.
(4), conj. inclusive or.
vuo, conj. once.