Old Oxic Verbs
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I'm going to wait on doing the pronouns and demonstratives for a while; the verbs are more pressing and certainly more interesting.

The verbal system of Old Oxic has undergone some simplification in its journey from late-stage. (Thank goodness, or we'd be looking at seventy pages of nigh-identical but bafflingly nuanced tables of the sort Sanskrit or Greek require). All four moods are still around, but the subjunctive has only been salvaged by affixing the subjunctive forms of *h₁es- to the verb stem. There is no dual (dual nouns take plural verbs), and there are only four tenses (present, future, imperfect and aorist). Verbs do not have a separate set of perfective-aspect tenses, but there is a class of verbs which have endings from the perfect system acting as main-sequence tenses. (For example, while *weyd- "to know" gives us the main-sequence wiras "he knows", its perfect *wewóydet produced the perfective-class verb wawerat "he recognizes".) Finally, there is a mediopassive derived from the -mai/sai/tai system found in Greek and Sanskrit.

The endings have pretty much been smoothed out, but I should really get to bed. I will work on this tomorrow!