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Tarra has been settled by at least three waves of immigration from Earth, using paths we can only speculate about - the pious Tarrans ascribe the establishment and disruption of the connections to God's will; more Sci-Fi minded persons suspect aliens playing with interdimensional portals. In any case, the first known inhabitants of Tarra were hunter-gatherers who spoke an unidentified language, probably not Indo-European (IE). The second wave of settlement were speakers of an IE language with Western characteristics, who seem to have entered Tarra in the Early Bronze Age and displaced the first inhabitants from the fertile Central, Southern and Western parts of the island into the marginal environments of the Eastern mountains, the boreal woodlands, and the outlying islands to the West and South. These IE speakers developed into the nation of Tauta.
The third and last known wave were the Romans, who discovered the island in the 2nd century AD and later conquered the South of Tarra and introduced Christianity. In the 5th century AD the connection to Earth was lost, and since then the peoples of Tarra have been isolated.


Romance Three romlangs are spoken on Tarra - Lemba Romana, Ilan, and Mədan
Tautic languages Proto-Tautisca had several descendants, most of which function as dialects and registers of the Librisca standard. But some are so far removed that they are separate languages.