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Beast Folk

There are four beast folk of Megakide: Catfolk, Kitsune, Grippli, and Vanara. They all mostly live in the southern jungles, where they don't quite have states, but a lot of chiefdoms. However, some states have emerged in the northern reaches of the jungles because of Hobgoblin aggression. These beastfolk generally practice various kinds of animism, and range from semi-nomadic horticulturalists to full-time agriculturalists.


The Drow are the fey race of Megakide. They live in various city-states below the northern mountains of the continent. They're mostly a bunch of smug, arrogant, New-Atheist-esque xenophobic jerks who practice shadow magic and have pretentious Greek names.


The Hobgoblins are the native goblinoid race of Megakide. Unlike their cousins elsewhere on Bekedzola, they have something resembling that thing the Watazans call 'civilization'. The Hobgoblin states are mostly in the northeast of the continent, but south of the Drow. They're not huge, complete assholes like the Drow, but they haven't been quite welcoming to the Watazans, because they recognize the threat the Watazans represent. Hobgoblins generally participate in state religions focused on their warrior-god-kings.

Miscellaneous Information

Weapon Proficiencies

Native Megakidans treat guns, explosives, and the rapier as exotic weapons in Pathfinder. Those weapons are unavailable to them in 5E.

Watazan Colonies